Sneak Peek – Emissary Development Alternator

Sneak Peek – Emissary Development Alternator

Emissary Development’s Alternator addresses some of the shortcomings of using two illumination and/or laser aiming devices at the same time.

The design of the Alternator is simply a housing that clamps over two existing Unity Modbutton Lite switches. It has its own actuation surface that sits above the switches and features three pads that use different textures and their own unique angle to make it easier to differentiate each pad from another.

The forward and rearward pads fire off the switch directly underneath them but the middle pad will activate both switches simultaneously.

It also features a fully fenced off body that helps prevent accidental activation of the switches.

They plan to offer two different versions, a “standard fence” and a “raised fence” variant.

The standard fence has the activation buttons flush with the surrounding protective barrier (designed to prevent unwanted activation) of the housing. This will be the most comfortable and lowest profile version.


The raised fence, as it’s name implies, has a slightly raised protective barrier for those looking for a bit more added insurance against the possibility of unwanted activation of the buttons. Keep in mind this model stands slightly taller on the rail that the standard model.

Both versions are designed to prevent AD/NDs so while there really isn’t a massive difference between them they wanted to offer options that the end user can select which model fits their needs best.