Smith’s Introduces Lawaia Non-Slip Spear Fishing Gloves at ICAST 2024

Smith’s Introduces Lawaia Non-Slip Spear Fishing Gloves at ICAST 2024

Whether hauling a thrashing offshore game fish over the boat gunwales or carving up fresh filets on the boat deck, deep cuts to the hands can happen instantly. The sudden flash of a sharp gill plate or a simple slip of a wet knife blade could have devastating results, compounded further when you’re miles away from help. Smith’s offers protection for your hands with their new Lawaia non-slip, cut-resistant glove specifically designed to perform in wet conditions.

Featuring a high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) material that prevents cuts from gills, fillet knives, and hooks, the Lawaia Spear Fishing Gloves offer cut-level 5 resistance and are made with performance-level food-grade material, which is four times stronger than leather. The flexible material is also hand and machine-washable for quick cleanup but is shrink-resistant and remains flexible even after multiple washes.

Beyond their impressive cut resistance, these gloves also excel in puncture resistance, which is crucial during spear fishing activities where sharp objects like hooks and spikes are prevalent. This ensures that spearfishers can confidently handle their gear without worrying about punctures or cuts, thus enhancing safety and performance underwater.

The non-slip Lawaia Spear Fishing Gloves are offered in an eye-catching gray and blue color scheme. The flexible material of the XL size is suitable for most any size hand.

A good pair of gloves are like a good set of tools, requiring a pair to be kept within arm’s reach in the boat, truck, RV, and campsite.

In addition to filleting and processing big game, these gloves are great for a variety of applications where slices and punctures are a hazard, such as food preparation, slicing, cutting, wood carving, carpentry, metalwork, and more.

Other cut-resistant gloves may lack breathability, yet the Smith’s Lawaia remains breathable and comfortable for long sessions at the fillet table.

Like all of Smith’s Products, the Lawaia Spear Fishing Gloves are backed by a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase, so you can buy with confidence.

MSRP: $15.99

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Find Smith’s Lawaia Non-Slip Spear Fishing Gloves in the Warm Weather Technical Apparel for Men Category in the New Product Showcase at ICAST 2024.