Silencerco Named Affiliate Sponsor for 2023 PRS Season, Rimfire Series

Silencerco Named Affiliate Sponsor for 2023 PRS Season, Rimfire Series

West Bend, WI – Precision Rifle Series (PRS) LLC., the preeminent precision rifle organization in the world, dedicated to the promotion and growth of the sport of competitive precision rifle shooting, is proud to welcome SilencerCo as an Affiliate Sponsor of the 2023 Precision Rifle Series Season and PRS Rimfire Series Sponsor. “We are excited to work alongside SilencerCo as a first-year sponsor of the PRS, they are a great organization focused on people and relationships.” Said PRS owner and Director, Ken Wheeler.

As a leading manufacturer of firearm suppressors, SilencerCo aligns perfectly with the needs and aspirations of precision rifle shooters. One of the key reasons SilencerCo stands out as a valuable partner is their dedication to advancing suppressor technology. They consistently push the boundaries of design, resulting in suppressors that effectively reduce noise signatures, mitigate recoil, and enhance overall shooting performance. This innovation directly translates to improved accuracy, which is of utmost importance in precision rifle competitions.

The extensive range of suppressors offered by SilencerCo caters to the diverse needs of PRS competitors. Whether it’s long rifle calibers or rimfire calibers, SilencerCo provides tailored solutions that effectively dampen sound while maintaining the utmost reliability and durability. This allows PRS shooters to optimize their rifles for maximum precision while ensuring a more enjoyable shooting experience.

Furthermore, SilencerCo’s commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that their suppressors are built to withstand the demands of competitive shooting. The precision and attention to detail in their manufacturing processes result in suppressors that are robust, dependable, and capable of enduring rigorous use. This reliability is paramount in PRS events where shooters rely on their equipment to perform consistently under challenging conditions.

SilencerCo’s reputation as an industry leader and their dedication to customer satisfaction make them an ideal partner for the Precision Rifle Series. Their continuous pursuit of excellence aligns with the values of the PRS community, and their products provide the necessary tools for shooters to excel in precision rifle competitions. With SilencerCo by their side, PRS competitors can confidently rely on high-performance suppressors that enhance their shooting capabilities and elevate their overall shooting experience.

The PRS also looks forward to working with SilencerCo to successfully leverage the partnership to directly support membership, elevate national pro series competitions, and grow the sport. This August 5th – 6th be on the lookout for the Silent Night PRS Pro Series Competition presented by Silencer Co. This is a unique and highly anticipated PRS Pro Series event located in Ninnekah, Oklahoma which begins shortly after nightfall. Shooters look forward to this match each season with suppressors provided to competitors by SilencerCo. The PRS will host 40+ of the most renowned national-level precision rifle competitions in the nation, with the 2023 PRS Finale taking place November 3-5th in Medicine Lodge, Kansas at the Twin Peaks Rifle Club, where Leofoto Rifle will be sponsoring the event.

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