Silencer Shop Unveils Exclusive New B&T Silencers

Silencer Shop Unveils Exclusive New B&T Silencers

Silencer Shop, the leading distributor of firearm suppressors in the United States, is excited to announce the exclusive launch of three new B&T silencers: the SRBS 762 Inconel, SRBS 762 Ti, and SRBS 556 Inconel. These silencers are a leap forward for B&T featuring 3D printed designs, low backpressure features, and the quality and reliability B&T are known for.

Introducing the SRBS Series

The SRBS (Slimline Reduced Backpressure System) series by B&T aim to offer an option for every shooter, from hard use duty or training options to lightweight hunting suppressors. Designed with innovative gas paths and advanced materials, these suppressors provide exceptional sound reduction, longevity, and versatility. Each SRBS suppressor features the industry standard HUB mount, allowing users to adapt the silencer to their preferred mounting system, each SRBS will include a direct thread mount pre-installed.

  1. SRBS 762 Inconel: 3D printed from Inconel, a high-strength, corrosion-resistant superalloy, the SRBS 762 Inconel is built to withstand extreme conditions and high rates of fire. Ideal for 7.62mm carbines like AR10, AR15, or AK platform rifles, it offers excellent sound suppression while also effectively managing gas to keep rifles running reliably without gassiness.
  2. SRBS 762 Ti: The SRBS 762 Ti is constructed from titanium, offering a lightweight yet robust solution for 7.62mm rifles. This suppressor combines the best of both worlds: impressive strength and reduced weight, ensuring easy handling and top-notch performance.
  3. SRBS 556 Inconel: Specifically designed for 5.56mm rifles, the SRBS 556 Inconel utilizes the same high-performance Inconel alloy. This suppressor delivers exceptional durability while the SRBS design eliminates the need for tuning your gun, making it a perfect choice for tactical applications and demanding environments.

Exclusively Available at Silencer Shop

Silencer Shop is proud to be the exclusive distributor of these B&T SRBS suppressors. As the largest distributor in the industry, Silencer Shop ensures that customers receive only the highest quality products, backed by a dealer network of more than 6,000 local gun stores across America, providing excellent customer service and support.

“B&T is a trusted name in the industry and Silencer Shop is thrilled to partner with them to bring these three new silencers to customers and dealers. The SRBS lineup offers something for everyone, and the quality and performance are exactly what you’d expect from B&T” said Dave Matheny, Silencer Shop CEO.

“When Silencer Shop approached us about offering an exclusive high-flow suppressor to their customers, we jumped at the opportunity and pulled out the stops” said Chris Mudgett, Vice President of Marketing for B&T USA. “Silencer Shop Exclusive features include a Direct Mount HUB assembly backward compatible with any 1.375×24 TPI HUB devices; high-temp matte black Cerakote; Print-X tube texturing; an updated low-flash endcap and finally B&T’s high-performance, patent-pending Star baffle system — finally available in 3D printed form. Look for more products exclusively from Silencer Shop in the future.”

Founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas, Silencer Shop is the largest silencer distributor in the United States, serving customers through a network of over 6,000 local gun stores. Known for their hassle-free service and customer satisfaction, Silencer Shop has earned a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Google. For more details, visit