Silencer Central Continues Partnership with Buck Commander

Silencer Central Continues Partnership with Buck Commander

Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, has announced its continued ambassador partnership with Buck Commander. The Buck Commander guys continue to embody passion for being in the woods and showcase the simple process of owning a suppressor.

Silencer Central Continues Partnership with Buck Commander

The Buck Commander men have established a strong connection over the years, fueled by their unwavering devotion to the outdoors and the thrill of taking down big bucks. With a dynamic group including Adam LaRoche, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Ryan Langerhans, Tombo Martin, Tyler Farr and Willie Robertson, expect endless antics, fierce competitiveness and endless entertainment.

“This partnership has played a vital role in representing Silencer Central and connecting with customers and hunting enthusiasts,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “From events like the Buck Commander Sportsmen’s Camp to the Buckmen visiting our headquarters, we’re excited to expand upon this relationship and showcase silence made simple.”

Through the ambassador program, Silencer Central strives to break the stigma surrounding silencers and showcase how hunting safely means hunting with a suppressor. This ambassador renewal signifies the commitment of Buck Commander and Silencer Central’s shared vision of promoting hunting and encouraging a love for the great outdoors.

“We’re extremely excited to continue working with Silencer Central and expand upon all they have built,” said Willie Robertson, CEO of Buck Commander. “If you haven’t had the chance to hunt with a Silencer Central suppressor, you’re missing out. The team has created the smoothest process in the game for owning a silencer.”

With a legacy spanning over 18 years, Silencer Central emerged as a pioneer, offering customers a streamlined process for legally obtaining firearm sound suppressors. Today, this industry-leading company plays a vital role in the firearms industry, tirelessly advocating for silencer owners across the nation.

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