Silencer Central Combines Individual Filing and Available Inventory for Faster Suppressor Delivery

Silencer Central, the leading suppressor retailer in the United States, announces it now gives its customers the option of filing as an individual for suppressor purchases, as well as through a trust on the eForm 4. This is in response to a growing demand for individual filing to take advantage of current ATF approval speed.

“While we still feel that setting up a trust is a better plan in the long run, and why we offer it as a free service to our customers, we understand why there is a growing demand for an individual filing option,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “As a company that prides itself in customer service, we are happy to offer our customers this option to be able to take advantage of current approval speeds from the ATF.”

Silencer Central strongly encourages its customers to explore both options and make an informed decision. In recent one-on-one meetings with the ATF, Silencer Central learned that 71% of all individual submissions are being approved real-time or within a few days of submission. This also means that 29% are waiting much longer. The ATF also shared their goal on a trust is an approval in 2-3 weeks from submission.

Silencer Central customers can choose between individual filing or setting up a trust during the checkout process beginning May 13, 2024. Either method will provide customers with the same level of service they expect from Silencer Central.

For more information on how to file as an individual, visit or call (866) 891-4494.