Shooting Industry’s Annual Report Looks At 2021 Firearms Production Data

Shooting Industry’s Annual Report Looks At 2021 Firearms Production Data

The “U.S. Firearms Industry Today” feature in the July issue of Shooting Industry takes a deep dive into the current state of the firearms industry, using the most recent data available to evaluate the performance of U.S. firearms manufacturers in 2021.

As detailed by SI Editor Jade Moldae in the report, a number of records were set in 2021, including the most firearms ever produced — paced by pistol and revolver production — and both Smith & Wesson and Ruger produced more than 2 million firearms in 2021 — the first time it’s happened in a calendar year.

Moldae’s Industry Link column also examines the “big movers” from the 2021 ATF Annual Firearms Manufacturing & Export Report (AMFER).

Bryan Hendricks contends there’s an untapped market in the gun cleaning supplies segment. “Clean Inventory” offers insights from manufacturers and store owners about adopting a more comprehensive approach to setting customers up with cleaning products, the critical components of retail packaging and why aggressive promotion is key.

Additional highlights in July include how technology is amplifying the bowhunting market, as today’s bows are lighter, faster and stronger than ever before. Carolee Anita Boyles explains how dealers are serving their archery customers — who represent the millions of people participating in this growing market. FMG’s Ashley McGee primes industry business owners and marketers on what they need to know about Google Analytics 4, which provides insights into user behavior on websites and mobile apps.

Elsewhere in the issue, Massad Ayoob showcases what happens when training meets sales as a profit center, as seen at Boondocks Firearms Training Academy, in the Personal Defense Market column. Contrary to most marketing materials, the average female gun owner trends older — and has plenty of disposable income to spend. Nancy Keaton addresses the opportunities to (better) attract this customer in the Arms & The Woman installment. Retailers looking for a way to expand offerings and delve into an area generally untouched by big-box retailers may want to consider NFA guns and accessories: Tim Barker reveals the potential to boost profits with these products in Best Practices.

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