Shoot Like A Girl Hosts Free Shooting Sports Experience in Chattanooga

Shoot Like A Girl Hosts Free Shooting Sports Experience in Chattanooga

Shoot Like A Girl®, a brand of SLG2, Inc, is bringing their 2023 15-Year Expansion tour to Bass Pro Shops® in Chattanooga, TN this weekend for an interactive event that introduces women and their families to shooting sports in a fun, safe and comfortable atmosphere. New and experienced shooters and their families are invited to stop by the Shoot Like A Girl trailer in front of Bass Pro Shops on Saturday, October 14 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, October 15 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

SLG2, Inc and Vortex recently hosted an all-women’s Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Club Live Fire experience at the Vortex facility. The success was off the charts for the guests, the Vortex team and the SLG2, Inc team. They coached and guided 8 women on their individual journey into bringing a handgun into their life.

The Shoot Like A Girl Trailer also travelled to Kodak, TN with 151 signed in guests. Two families that had recently attended past trailer stops made the drive to see the Shoot Like A Girl team again, both wanting more time on the gun bar and information from instructors and more training.

“I appreciate all that Shoot Like A Girl offers and the knowledge the business imparts to other women. I love how each person at the events take so much time and effort to explain everything about the firearm and the safety as well,” said Shoot Like A Girl guest. “The team made my girls and husband feel very welcome as well! Everyone at the event was awesome!”

What to Expect

Both new and experienced shooters are encouraged to stop by the Shoot Like A Girl mobile range event to learn more about ways to get involved in shooting sports. Inside the mobile range, using a military-grade firearm simulator which provides immediate recoil, impact and sound feedback, guests who are 18 years of age or older will gain confidence through handling and shooting a handgun and long gun at this immersive event. Guests will also be supported by archery coaches through a live archery demonstration, allowing attendees to experience archery firsthand and learn more about the sport through hands-on instruction.

Shoot Like A Girl strives to empower women through shooting sports demonstrations and events while opening a discussion surrounding sports and outdoors. Attendees are encouraged to bring their families and children to discuss and learn more about firearm safety in a comfortable and controlled environment. No experience is necessary to participate in this free event, and all equipment is provided to guests upon their arrival.

At the Shoot Like A Girl gun counter outside of the mobile range, visitors are welcome to compare a variety of disassembled firearms, including revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, shotguns and rifles. Additional products form corporate partners will be on display, including optics, conceal carry bags, holsters, TrueTimber camouflage, SABRE pepper spray products and much more. A full list of partners is available online.

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