SEVR Introduces Ti 1.75 Broadhead for Blended Penetration and Cut Diameter

SEVR Introduces Ti 1.75 Broadhead for Blended Penetration and Cut Diameter

The NEW SEVR Ti 1.75 has been developed and optimized for both penetration and cut diameter. A perfect blend that hits the sweet spot of overall broadhead performance. Suitable for both vertical bows and crossbows with no speed limit, the Titanium 1.75 benefits from a swept-back blade angle and a true 1.75” cut diameter.

The Titanium 1.75 is a premium rear-deploy broadhead designed to penetrate deeply while providing a lethal 1.75” wound channel for optimized penetration and blood trails. It is assembled with a machined one-piece TITANIUM ferrule and precision-ground tip.

SEVR’s patented Lock-and-Pivot™ non-barbed blades lock open on impact. The blades then pivot as needed to keep arrows driving straight through game, even on steep quartering shots and bone impacts. This increases penetration versus regular rear-deploy non-pivoting broadheads.

SEVR’s Stretch Cut™ blade effect stretches the hide while cutting for a larger-than-blade wound diameter, resulting in bigger blood trails and easier recovery.

For hunting practice, SEVR’s exclusive patented Practice Lock™ keeps the blades locked and contained. Practice with actual broadheads to verify true point-of-impact without dulling blades.

For a limited time, SEVR is running their full line of broadheads at some of the best prices of the season—Visit today.

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