SEVR: Get Maximum Penetration for Tough Western Game

SEVR: Get Maximum Penetration for Tough Western Game

SEVR, a leading hunting equipment manufacturer, offers the SEVR 1.5″ Broadhead, the perfect option designed for penetration on challenging Western game. With its innovative features and exceptional results, the SEVR 1.5″ Broadhead is set to optimize hunting experiences this fall.

SEVR: Get Maximum Penetration for Tough Western Game

The patented Lock-and-Pivot™ technology sets SEVR Broadheads apart. Its non-barbed blades lock open upon impact and pivot to ensure straight arrow trajectory, even on steep quartering shots and bone impacts. This advancement maximizes penetration compared to non-pivoting broadheads, providing hunters with superior results. Featuring stainless-steel blades with a cutting diameter of 1.5″ and a thickness of .032″, the SEVR 1.5″ Broadhead creates deep penetrating wound channels. The Stretch Cut™ blade effect stretches the hide while cutting, resulting in larger-than-blade wound diameters, increased blood trails, and improved recovery rates.

SEVR addresses the importance of practice with the exclusive patented Practice Lock™. This feature keeps the blades locked and contained during training sessions, allowing hunters to build confidence by practicing with the same broadhead used in real hunting scenarios.

Available in 100 or 125 grain options, it is specifically engineered for large, thick-skinned, heavy-boned animals like elk.

SEVR expands its broadhead lineup with the introduction of the NEW Titanium 1.75 Broadhead. Designed for all North American big game, this broadhead offers hunters a perfect balance of cutting ability and penetration performance.

To take advantage some of the lowest prices of the season on the SEVR 1.5″ Broadhead and the full SEVR Broadhead lineup,