Sept/Oct Handgunner Features CZ’s .40 Caliber TS2 Orange

Sept/Oct Handgunner Features CZ’s .40 Caliber TS2 Orange

“Have mercy, do these things shoot,” attests Jeremy D. Clough of the CZ TS2 Orange featured in the Sept/Oct issue of American Handgunner. Developed partially by shooters on the CZ Shooting Team, the .40-caliber pistol is match capable out of the box for those who want to compete.

The test gun arrived with a thoughtful complement of four 17-round magazines, each with an orange aluminum base pad likely to survive the rigors of competition better than plastic and chambered in .40 S&W. Clough concludes, “I’ve put about 1,500 rounds through various CZs in the last few months, and they’ve all punched above their weight. This one matched everything I’ve come to expect: It works, it hits, it handles well and is carefully thought out … this Orange’s juice is worth the squeeze.”

An American icon is celebrating 150 years: The Colt Single Action Army 1st Generation. Mike “Duke” Venturino pays homage to the quintessential revolver and shares its storied history from a military contract “Strap Pistol” to the stuff of national legend. He notes, “I’ve owned over 100 Colt SAAs from all generations. Of those over 25% were 1st Generation … For me, they are the epitome of the American six-shooter.”

A Savage Stance is up for grabs in the Sept/Oct Handgun of the Month giveaway. The thin, compact 9mm has a 3.2″ stainless steel barrel and weighs just 1.375 lbs. The winner will also receive a ProTac 1L-1AAA light from Streamlight and a Para 3 Lightweight knife from Spyderco. Valued at $707, readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

Other points of interest in the Sept/Oct issue include why, even though no one will argue two hands is always better, your life may depend on one-handed shooting. Dave Anderson encourages readers to consider — and practice — the concept in the Better Shooting column. Handgunner pays its respects to the late Tiger McKee in Tactics & Training with a fond farewell and his final article submission focusing on one of his favorite topics: DIY revolver modifications. And in Guncrank Diaries, learn what happens “When Animals Attack.” Will Dabbs, MD recounts treating a turkey hunter who suffered a bit of a “misunderstanding” with a spooked coyote.

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