Sealegs - A Boat That Walks on the Beach!

Sealegs – A Boat That Walks on the Beach!

New Zealand is famous for its marine technology, so it’s no surprise that an ingenious solution to boat launches comes from this island nation.

Boaters have a problem worldwide – all the hassle and time involved in launching and retrieving boats from a beach-front property or boat ramp. The solution: an amphibious craft that drives on land without compromising on-water performance.

Using patented technology, Sealegs uses powerful motorized wheels to drive on land and, with the push of a button, swiftly transform itself into a high-speed powerboat on water.

This means that craft can be driven from a storage location, down a boat ramp or beach and into the water – all with the occupants remaining in the boat completely dry. Once the craft is afloat, the wheels lift up out of the water to be stored against the hull, and the boat is used as normal. When approaching land, the wheels are lowered back into position, and touch the ground to drive the boat up onto land. Occupants can then disembark up the beach or back in the boat store.

Developed in Auckland, one of the marine capitals of the world, Sealegs was launched in 2005, and has grown from a dream of effortless boating to a publicly listed company that has made 1250 amphibious craft in over 55 countries.

The ambition is to make the boat-trailer obsolete and also allow recreational boat owners to launch their boat single-handed. Research shows that Sealegs creates a fourfold increase in the time boaties spend on the water.

The craft are also popular among rescue and commercial operators who can manage rougher weather and reach beaches previously only accessible by helicopter.

Tested in difficult locations and adverse weather conditions, the solution has proven its versatility and has revolutionized boat launch and retrieval around the world.