Sea Turtle Populations Thriving in Florida

Sea Turtle Populations Thriving in Florida

The 2023 sea turtle nesting season in Florida is in full swing! Each year, our Sea Turtle Nesting Team helps lead an incredible effort to monitor sea turtle nesting throughout the state to collect valuable data on species that routinely nest on Florida’s beaches.

The preliminary statewide totals as of May 31st are: 35,495 loggerheads nests (25,445 in 2022); 2,086 green turtle nests (167 in 2022); 1,194 leatherback nests (1,434 in 2022); 10 Kemp’s ridleys (7 in 2022).

Thanks to all the FWRI partners involved in an outstanding community science effort to document sea turtle nesting activity statewide.

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