Scent Thief, The Revolutionary Solution to Scent Control in the Woods

Scent Thief, The Revolutionary Solution to Scent Control in the Woods

Scent Thief’s mission is to revolutionize scent control for hunters and trappers. They recognize the importance of scent and its effectiveness out in the woods. Traditional scent control uses enzymes or chemicals that attempt to mask or remove human odor. Scent Thief believes it’s nearly impossible to do either. Rather than cover human odor, Scent Thief’s patented “No-Smell” technology shuts down an animal’s ability to smell. The result is more successful hunts and added confidence in the woods, regardless of wind.

As Scent Thief’s patented formula enters the nose, it relaxes the epithelium and the ability to smell. Unlike traditional smell blockers, Scent Thief® must be inhaled to temporarily disable an animal’s sense of smell. It is so effective the Department of Justice stepped in when flags were raised about stumping drug dogs. The DOJ required Scent Thief to add an ingredient that would be recognizable by the dogs. The current formula satisfied the DOJ and increased its effectiveness. The added ingredient calms wildlife while still blocking their ability to smell. High and swirling winds are no longer an issue for hunters looking to get in the woods.

A wide range of products offers a complete package for scent control. Apply the field spray on gear, clothes, blinds and surrounding vegetation to block an animal’s ability to smell. For added effectiveness, place a wafer in a blind or tree stand. Using the wind, the Wafer will create a “No Smell Area” in the surrounding area. Before the hunt, Scent Thief Laundry Detergent and Scent Thief Body Wash use the same patented odor-blocking technology for total coverage. Users interested in the entire system can try either the Hunter’s Pack or Trophy Pack for an immersive solution to scent control.

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