Say Hello to Tink’s PEAK30

Say Hello to Tink’s PEAK30

Tink’s® Hunting Products has launched the ultimate whitetail deer attractant. PEAK30 is the pinnacle of the estrus cycle, also known as a “doe in heat”, and this potent formula is available exclusively from Tink’s® in a 1oz, limited edition, bottle.

Tink’s PEAK30 Peak Heat Premium Doe Estrus is pure urine collected during their Peak Standing Estrus verses other estrus urines, which can be collected in the pre, peak, and post estrus timeframe of a doe’s cycle. It is guaranteed to contain 30pg/ml levels of estrogen; the peak level for a doe ready to breed. Each collection goes through a scientific certification process to guarantee levels of estrogen present. During the rut, when bucks are out searching for does in heat, you’re going to want PEAK30 in your arsenal to mimic that scent and bring the big boys in!

  • PEAK30: Pure, Certified and Tested doe urine that is guaranteed to contain 30pg/ml of estrogen. The peak level for when a doe is ready to breed.
  • When To Use: For best results, use during the rut when bucks are seeking a doe in heat to breed.
  • How To Use: Apply Tink’s PEAK30 Peak Heat Doe Estrus on the ground, over a scrape or mock scrape, or low hanging limbs and leaves along main deer trails.
  • Available in 1 oz. Glass Bottle

1oz. PEAK30 – MSRP $15.99

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