S.O.Tech Parachutists Kit Bag

Paratrooper gear is part of S.O.Tech’s DNA.  When we were contracted to sew the Universal Parachutist Kit Bag for a major aerospace firm, we saw the huge design advantages over the old school aviator kit bag.  So when we were contracted by a major shoe company to do a collaboration on a tactical themed bag, we saw an opportunity to take the UPKB design and shrink it to gym bag dimensions.  That project was in colors to match the shoes, so this year while looking at the materials left over from our UPKB run, we saw an opportunity to make a paratrooper homage bag.

The bag is shorter and we had to drop the external flapped pocket, but otherwise nearly identical – even down to the dark red paracord we used on the zipper pulls.

Bags go live Friday 11/10 12pm PST. $180. Ships immediately. Limit 1 per customer.