Rogue Ammunition Doubles Down on Commitment

Rogue Ammunition Doubles Down on Commitment

Rogue Ammunition, the leading, specialty turkey ammo and a subsidiary of JEBS Chokes announced that the company has taken the final investment decision to expand the production capacity at its ammo manufacturing facility in Hazlehurst, GA. The expansion will more than double annual production numbers.

Included in the expansion are two Cortini & Pezzotti Autoloaders imported directly from Italy. These two machines complement Rogue’s ongoing investments in supplying the overwhelming demand and reinforcing the company’s focus on expanding its line across all levels of distribution. These new autoloaders along with doubling the brand’s workforce will allow the company to support both brick and mortar as well as the end-consumer flawlessly.

“Our vision of becoming the leading and premiere turkey load means producing millions of rounds of shotgun shells, while creating an ecosystem that will accelerate turnaround time and keep the quality standards,” said Bobby Sears, Co-Owner of Rogue Ammunition. “This expansion and investment in machinery is a key part of our strategy and an important next step in quickly expanding access to our in-demand shells.”

Rogue’s success stems from the loyal following already established through both the Owners parent companies, JEBS Chokes and Rolling Thunder Game Calls. First introduced in 2021, the demand and overwhelming popularity of Rogue dictated that in 2022 the company further expand its line into retail by retaining Murski-Breeding Sales. The company, along with Murski-Breeding reached its goal by selling out all existing inventory as well as producing additional product to fulfill all requests. With the manufacturing expansion, the 2023/24 selling season will now allow for Rogue to onboard into a select few, key distributors that will further expand the brand into more retailers nationwide.

For more information on Rogue Ammunition please visit or call 912.375.5456. Once again, this year, expect to see Rogue Ammo in finer sporting goods stores nationwide.