Revic Launches 2nd Generation Smart Scope

Revic Launches 2nd Generation Smart Scope

Revic Optics, a division of Gunwerks, releases the Radikl RS25b smart scope with integrated ballistics. The 2nd generation, 4-25x50mm smart scope features the Revic ballistic engine that computes elevation and windage solutions, including calculations for aerodynamic jump, spin drift, and earth-based effects.

As the turret is adjusted, the OLED internal data display, within the FOV, shows the target distance you are dialed to based on the sampled shot data.

The Radikl RS25b is the most complete, feature packed riflescope to ever hit the market.

Revic Launches 2nd Generation Smart Scope – Radikl RS25b

Building off of the legacy of the Revic PMR 428, the RS25b combines premium optics and next generation ballistic technology into a deadly, hunting ready package.

This is a purpose built smart scope made for real world operation. On the surface, the RS25b is built with all the core, mechanical features long-range shooters demand. Within the scope is the Revic ballistic engine that delivers immediate shot-solutions when seconds count. Equipped with superior glass quality and state of the art Revic ballistics, the RS25b is the most complete, feature packed long range rifle scope available.

• Onboard Environmental Sensor Suite

• Micro-OLED Data Display

• Digital Dial Turret Encoder

• 3 – Turn Turret

• Ballistic Data Ring (BDR) Compatibility

• Revolution Indicator

• Mechanical Zero-Stop

• Adjustable Ambi-Throw Lever

• Capped Windage Turret

• First Focal Plane (FFP) RH2 Reticle

• Illumination

• Bluetooth Connectivity

• 4 – 25x Magnification

• 50mm Objective

• 34mm Tube

• 13.2” Long / 38.7 oz.

• 140 MOA Class Leading Adjustment Range

A full, 8- sensor suite samples real time environmental and shot data to calculate a solution. The digital turret encoder relays turret movement to the internal data display that shows the target distance you are dialed to for the sampled parameters. Calculations include base wind, vector wind, aerodynamic jump, earth-based effects, and spin drift. Simply dial to the range, hold for wind, and shoot.

This is the future of long range optics.

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At Revic, we apply innovative thinking and advanced engineering to revolutionize the industry and develop the next generation of smart electro-optics and supporting systems; gear that simplifies the shot and puts ballistic solutions at your fingertips.

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