Results Final for Latest Rifle and Pistol CMP League Matches

The results are in for the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) rifle and pistol League Matches! A total of 15 clubs participated in 2023, with 178 participants overall.

The CMP’s League Matches were introduced in early 2022, featuring Pistol, Highpower Rifle and CMP Games Rifle events. The League is perfect for those hoping to begin or keep up with CMP marksmanship competition throughout the year, without having to travel. It’s also a great way for clubs and ranges to expand their offerings to interested individuals.

Participants competed by firing at a host range, with scores submitted and averaged within CMP’s online Competition Tracker system. Awards are distributed to the top competitors from around the country. To qualify, competitors are required to fire at least three times over the course of the League, with average scores used to determine places first through third.

The Outdoor Pistol League Matches ran from May 1 to Oct. 31, 2023, and included 900 Pistol Aggregate matches and 30 Shot National Match Course (NMC) events.

Note: Final scores based on averages. Decimal places used in final results not shown below.

CMP Outdoor Pistol 900 Aggregate:

Any Sights

1st – CW04 Jason Brock, 49, Atoka, TN – 724-8X

2nd – David Lechlitner, 68, Mishawaka, IN – 721-8X

3rd – Bobby Russell, 73, Union City, TN – 639-3X

Metallic Sights:

1st – Andrew Granberry, 61, Germantown, TN – 793-13X

2nd – Pat Hanley, 56, Germantown, TN – 665-2X

3rd – Michael Wood, 48, Elkhart, IN – 660-5X

.22 Pistol Only

1st – Ratandeep Hundal, 66, Leeds, UT – 852-32X

2nd – Ashley Davis, Hurricane, UT – 797-11X

3rd – Jerry Hale, Hurricane, UT – 758-7X

30 Shot NMC:

1st – Dane Hogle, 54, Mount Vernon, OH – 280-8X

2nd – David Forman, 42, Columbus, OH – 277-7X

3rd – Christopher Chisolm, 30, Granville, OH – 276-7X

For rifle, the Highpower (HP) Rifle and CMP Games events ran from Aug. 15 to Nov. 15, 2023, and offered 50 and 80 Shot competitions in a full course format as well as a 50 Shot event in NMC reduced course. The Games matches were comprised of Garand, Vintage/Modern Military 30 Round options and a Carbine event.

CMP Reduced 50 Shot:

1st – Joseph Hendricks, 55, Wexford, PA – 495-24X

2nd – Alex Brendlinger, 20, Edinboro, PA – 489.56-16X

3rd – SGT Amanda Wright, 21, Erie, PA – 489.33-17X

CMP Full Course 80 Shot:

1st – Roy Mitchell, 53, Parma, OH – 785-31X

2nd – Nathan Russell, 42, Emlenton, PA – 783.33-25X

3rd – Aaron Guliuzza, 42, Jefferson, OH – 783.00-28X

CMP Reduced 80 Shot:

1st – Roy Mitchell, 53, Parma, OH – 789-37X

2nd – Richard Hilderbrand, 48, Pittsburgh, PA – 781-27X

3rd – Nathan Evagash, 30, Glenshaw, PA – 780-24X

Match Rifle:

1st – Joseph Hendricks, Jr., 28, Seville, OH – 785-24X

2nd – Joseph Hendricks, 55, Wexford, PA – 785-24X

3rd – Jack Jones, 77, Akron, OH – 780-28X

Garand 30 Round:

1st – TSgt Christopher DeForge, 37, Tampa, FL – 278-2X

2nd – Stephen Slomski, 61, Erie, PA – 270-4X

3rd – Bernard Jendruczak, 72, North East, PA – 267-3X

Vintage Military 30 Round:

1st – Thomas Gonda, 70, Erie, PA – 273-4X

2nd – Bernard Jendruczak, 72, North East, PA – 269-3X

3rd – Doug Staaf, 66, Wattsburg, PA – 268-4X

Modern Military 30 Round:

1st – Bernard Jendruczak, 72, North East, PA – 269-2X

2nd – TSgt Christopher DeForge, 37 Tampa, FL – 255-1X

Unlimited Modern Military 30 Round:

1st – TSgt Christopher DeForge, 37, Tampa, FL – 285-8X

2nd – Samuel Damiano, 56, Norfolk, VA, – 280-9X

3rd – Josh Apoderado, 28, Newport News, VA – 199-0X

Carbine Match:

1st – TSgt Christopher DeForge, 37, Tampa, FL – 316-2X

2nd – Bernard Jendruczak, 72, North East, PA – 310-3X

Registration for the next round of rifle CMP League Matches – running from March 15 to June 15 – is now available! Pistol will begin again on May 1. CMP’s League Matches are open to any CMP Affiliated Club. More information on the CMP League, including applications and detailed instructions on how to conduct a match, can be found on the CMP website at Questions may be directed to CMP Competition Support staff at 419-635-2141, ext. 714 or

Hosting a CMP League Match:

Interested in hosting? Simply fill out an application (available on the CMP website) to specify requested matches and dates. Once approved, the match director will be sent a spreadsheet to record official scores that will be compared amongst other participating clubs. Fees for these events include $10 per league to sanction, plus $2 per competitor. Clubs may hold the offered events on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly schedule.

About CMP Sanctioned Matches and Affiliated Clubs:

A CMP sanctioned match is an event hosted or sponsored by a CMP affiliated organization, where match sponsors agree to use the current edition of CMP Competition Rules in conducting CMP Highpower Rifle, CMP Pistol and CMP Games competitions. Affiliation allows clubs to not only build relationships with its members and the CMP but also provides a variety of opportunities for recreation and growth. Learn more about CMP Affiliated Clubs at

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