Remington Ammunition Continues Strong Partnership with YSSA

Remington Ammunition proudly announces its ongoing collaboration with Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA), reinforcing the shared commitment to introducing safe and responsible shooting sports to new enthusiasts. As a dedicated sponsor of this exceptional organization, Remington supports YSSA’s mission to foster the development of shooting sports programs that prioritize safety and responsibility.

“Remington is thrilled to support the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance,” said Senior Manager of Community Relations Jon Zinnel. “We firmly believe in the mission of YSSA and its efforts to introduce people to the shooting sports. It is crucial to provide them with the necessary tools and resources to develop their skills and passion.”

A key initiative of YSSA is to provide reliable and secure shooting equipment for youth programs on loan or through donations.

By supporting YSSA, Remington Ammunition reaffirms its unwavering dedication to the shooting sports community and its commitment to nurturing the next generation. Together with YSSA, Remington takes pride in its contribution to the preservation of the shooting sports heritage.

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