Regal Products Introduces TagMe by Ocufii Movement Detection System

TagMe is a novel technological solution that keeps firearm owners “in the know” of their firearms at all times. It works by detecting the movement of a firearm and immediately notifying the gun owner’s smartphone (via Base Station with WiFi connection). This technology promises to thwart unauthorized access to firearms, to protect families, and to help prevent suicide attempts.

The company is launching with two starter packages. Starter Package with Stick-On Beacon and Base Station (pictured). And Starter Package with Wrap-Around Beacon and Base Station.

You can expand coverage by adding Base Stations and additional beacons to your configuration. Each Base Station can manage up to 10 beacons to monitor multiple firearms.

The Stick-On Beacon includes a 3M double-sided sticker making it simple to install directly on cable & trigger locks, safe doors, firearm drawers, or carrying cases.

The Wrap-Around Beacon includes a silicone band and key ring adapter making it simple to install directly to any firearm, firearm safety device, storage case, or carrying bag.

The Base Station works with TagMe beacons to notify firearm owners of unauthorized access and movement of their firearms anywhere anytime.

TagMe by Ocufii products require broadband internet access and monthly service subscription.

About Regal Products

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