Raven Concealment Redefines Concealed Carry with Executive Select Series

Raven Concealment Systems has launched its Executive Select Series, a new line of super-premium holsters that promises to redefine concealed carry standards. This series marks a significant shift in holster design. Unlike traditional designs, the Executive Select series prioritizes human fitment over firearm geometry. This results in increased concealment and greater comfort.

They’ve returned to the drawing board and revisited the root problems of concealed carry. The common adage says, “Form follows function.” Unfortunately, this is often not the case with manufacturing, especially with holsters. In a perfect world, a holster’s “form” would follow the “function” of optimal concealment, comfort, and accessibility.

Instead, holsters are often nothing more than shells in the shape of the gun they are designed to hold. This rigid approach follows the form of the handgun. That rigidity results from the limitations of their construction. The Executive Select Series is looking to turn that all on its head and put the focus on the end user.

Human-Centered Design: Designed to prioritize comfort and concealment, contouring to the wearer’s body.

Premium Quality: Seamless fit and finish for a premium concealed carry experience.

Innovative Holster Shape: The holster’s body shape eliminates the need for “claws” to tuck grip.

Modular Carry: Ability to nest other essential carry items within void spaces inside the body of the holster

RCS has continued advancing its manufacturing capabilities, and this new line embraces those latest innovations.  This new approach is granting them unprecedented design freedom, and one of the benefits is that it allows them to create holsters tailored to the wearer’s anatomy. Based on what we saw and heard back in January at SHOT, they have a LOT more of the Executive series to show off soon.

Go to Raven Concealment’s Executive Select page to access more information and images about the Executive Select Series (and to join the waitlist).