Qore Performance Introduces HIPS: A Groundbreaking Full-Service Solution to Prevent Heat Injuries

In a significant advancement for safety, performance, and operational efficiency, Qore Performance unveiled its latest effort in the fight to end heat injuries last week at the US Army Heat Center Heat Forum at Fort Moore, GA called HIPS or Heat Injury Prevention Solutions. HIPS is a first-of-its-kind, end-to-end solution to stop heat injuries before they occur. HIPS is designed for military, law enforcement, first responders, and private sector companies. This launch marks a pivotal step forward in the company’s mission to enhance individual performance and well-being in demanding environments, while giving time back to organizations – the one thing of which they cannot make more.

“Heat injuries are one of the most significant hidden taxes on organizational readiness and productivity. The value proposition for HIPS is incredibly simple,” said Justin Li, Co-Founder and CEO of Qore Performance, “we create more time for large scale organizations. By preventing heat injuries, we can give customers back all of the productivity hours they would otherwise lose to heat injuries. In the case of some of our existing enterprise customers, we’ve created 20% or more additional work capacity without any overtime or additional headcount. This is a tremendous competitive advantage and produces an ROI measured in days and weeks, not months or years.”

At the core of the HIPS program is the integration of ICEPLATE® Curve, a hardcell water bladder shaped like a Medium ESAPI armor plate that provides cooling or heating and hydration without adding any extra weight because it uses the drinking water already carried by end-users, maximizing efficiency and performance for individuals and organizations alike. This system is part of Qore Performance’s broader strategy to leverage its proprietary thermoregulation technology for better health outcomes, increased operational capacity and improved readiness at a time when labor/manpower shortages are hitting both public and private sector organizations. These labor shortages are compounding the challenges of already challenging times.

Since 2017, ICEPLATE® has facilitated over 6.5 million hours of safe, injury-free work. The process for the end user is straightforward: Schedule, Work, Repeat. A Qore Performance HIPS Team handles everything else: preparation, delivery, distribution, collection, cleaning, and maintenance of all ICEPLATE® Curves and support equipment. This eliminates disruptions to daily operations for organizations, enhancing operational capacity by 20% or more.

”As the customer, all you have to do is give us a headcount and a duration for your training event or work location,” said Will Clark, Director of Operations for Qore Performance, “we take care of the rest.”

A Qore Performance HIPS Team works with the customer to determine the number of ICEPLATE® Curves needed, and make sure they show up at the right time and place ready to go (frozen, filled with hot water, etc.). The HIPS Team distributes the ICEPLATE® Curves to customer personnel on-site, then handles collection, cleaning and removal.

HIPS by Qore Performance is a testament to the company’s forward-thinking approach to tackling heat-related challenges, offering a proactive solution that benefits a wide range of public and private sector organizations. HIPS was specifically created to tackle heat injuries for military training exercises, but the solution is also available to other sectors prone to heat stress, such as construction, school crossing guards, car washes, gardening/landscaping, QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) chains, wildland firefighting, airport ramp workers, valets, hospitality, manufacturing, warehousing/distribution, emergency medical services, and any other organization exposed to the elements.

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