PTR Industries Inc. Partners with Archon Firearms

PTR™ Industries and Archon Firearms™ are excited to announce the companies have entered into an exclusive strategic partnership for the manufacturing and distribution of Archon Firearms™ semi-automatic pistols in the North American market.

PTR™ is a South Carolina based manufacturer of one of the most globally recognized and iconic platforms ever produced, roller-delayed blowback firearms. Over the last two decades PTR™ has built a high-performance manufacturing facility and a team of experts that takes pride in developing dependable firearms. PTR™ will be utilizing its time-tested manufacturing experience, distribution network, and first-class customer service to make the revolutionary Archon Firearms™ pistols readily available in the USA.

The Archon Firearms™ semi-automatic pistols are innovative compact, high?performance handguns developed by Archon Firearms™, a European based manufacturer. These revolutionary pistols utilize a low bore axis and patented breech locking system, known as AF-Speedlock®. This amazing design eliminates the need for a tilting barrel allowing for the entire slide of the firearm to be dropped lower into the grip. These two innovative features act together to significantly reduce muzzle rise, allowing for less felt recoil and much faster target re-acquisition. The unique, reliable design, and durable manufacturing of the Archon Firearms™ pistol line makes it a perfect fit for PTR’s manufacturing capabilities and target audience.

Archon Firearms™ and PTR™ Industries are both dedicated to providing dependable, well-made firearms and accessories. Through this partnership, we are excited to capitalize on these shared values and bring the innovative Archon Firearms™ products to the American market. Shipments will begin in November to our distribution partners across the country.

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