Pope and Young Announces Two New Categories

Pope and Young Announces Two New Categories

The Pope and Young Club, America’s leading bowhunting organization is pleased to announce the introduction of two new categories within the records program: Non-typical Roosevelt’s Elk and Non-typical Tule Elk. Historically, the Club only accepted these species of elk in a ‘typical’ category, as they commonly grow extra points (crown points) above the fourth typical point, known as a sword point. However, any abnormal point grown BELOW the sword point was a deduction to the overall score. These new categories will document and ADD, not deduct, those trophies that have abnormal points below the sword point. As with all non-typical antlered species within the Club’s records program, the Roosevelt’s and Tule Elk must have the minimum amount of abnormal points to be eligible for this new category.

The following are the minimum amount of abnormal points required and the minimum score(s), respectively:

Roosevelt’s Elk: 15 0/8” of abnormal points – 255 0/8” minimum score

Tule Elk: 10 0/8” of abnormal points – 245 0/8” minimum score

“It is always exciting when a potential new category is discussed, researched, and recommended by the records committee, the Board of Directors, and ultimately approved by the voting membership of the Club. This new category will allow those trophies to be accepted rather than denied because the antlers had too many abnormal points. More importantly, the Club will now retain additional scientific data points for both species”, says Roy Grace, the Club’s Records Chairman.

If you have one of these special non-typical elk, or know someone who does, please locate the measurer nearest to you HERE, and get your trophy entered today. Remember, you do not have to be a member of the Club to enter your trophy.


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