Papa Bear Statue to Be Built in Grayling, Michigan

Papa Bear Statue to Be Built in Grayling, Michigan

Pope and Young, North America’s premier bowhunting conservation organization has a long history and fondness for Fred Bear and everything he did for bowhunting and conservation. To honor Fred and his many contributions to Bowhunting, Pope and Young is helping to raise funds for a seven-foot bronze statue of Mr. Bear.

Adorning the seven-foot bronze statue will be a bronze plaque that lists the history and accolades of Fred Bear. The statue and plaque will be set in place Grayling, Michigan in Grayling City Park.

Fred Bear not only played a vital role in the archery community as whole, but he was also a proud member and supporter of Pope and Young. Fred became a member of Pope and Young in 1961 and served on its first board. Fred is one of the most recognized bowhunters of the 20th century, with his early work filming and promoting bowhunting being unparalleled.

To support this noble cause, Pope and Young will match any donation members make, so donate now through the Pope and Young website by clicking, HERE.

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