Outerwild Outpost: A Dealer’s, Builder’s and Gun Enthusiast’s One-Stop Online Shop

Outerwild Outpost: A Dealer’s, Builder’s and Gun Enthusiast’s One-Stop Online Shop

Outerwild Manufacturing produces original equipment for the firearm industry’s top brands and takes great pride in working with these companies to solve manufacturing challenges. Today, Outerwild offers the same high-quality components to dealers, smaller manufacturers, builders, and gun enthusiasts with no minimum purchase commitment at

The online store extends access to specific, individual components, replacement parts or cohesive kits and matched billet sets for any level. “We don’t sell inventory we do not have on our floor, making shipping fast. Product pages show a ‘notify me’ button when inventory is out, and by clicking on that, an email is sent immediately when stock is back online” notes Leanne Lally, Marketing Director, Outerwild. “The advantage of an online store is the convenience to shop 24/7 from anywhere to acquire just the parts you need to start a build, or every component to build an entire rifle or fleet of arms!”

“Most recently, we launched our own brand of AR-15s including the Outerwild Timbrwlf and Razrback rifles. These fully assembled rifles are purpose built from the ground up using corrosion-resistant materials and finishes and all the efficacies of our manufacturing facility.” said Lally. “Using only 100% American-made materials Outerwild focuses on quality and craftsmanship.” Whether you need an all-around Range Repair kit, a competitive, precision barrel or a corrosion-resistant and reliable bolt carrier group, Outerwild Outpost supports its customer needs with great service for those who ultimately support its business. The additional Dealer Advantage Program is easy to sign up for and promotes exclusive sales and a custom variance program while guaranteeing a “built-in profit” over retail prices. Shop Outerwild Outpost’s comprehensive selection and latest promotions at

OUTERWILD designs, engineers, manufactures, and assembles purpose-driven products in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Our mission is to deliver precision, reliability, and repeatability to ensure adventure seekers achieve their ultimate level of performance. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility is driven by a workforce of robots and automated cells working in concert with our technical experts in our QC lab for each component produced. Our synergetic manufacturing processes allow us to turn out high-quality products for our customers, who like us, take great pride in 100% American-made products.

For more information about OUTERWILD or Outerwild Outpost, please contact:

Leanne Lally at 630-532-4231



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