Outdoor Channel Unveils American Made: A Riveting New Series Celebrating the Spirit of the American Entrepreneur

Outdoor Channel Unveils American Made: A Riveting New Series Celebrating the Spirit of the American Entrepreneur

Rekindling the “American Dream” is the focus of a new series on Outdoor Channel, American Made, premiering on Friday, September 29 at 8 p.m. ET. American Made provides an intimate look into the lives and businesses of visionary Americans, one quality American Made product at a time. The series showcases those philosophies that embody the spirit of the American entrepreneur – and the decisions they must make daily.

The series is produced and created by Branlin Shockey/Rogue Media, who saw a resurgence in pride for the words “American Made” and wanted to tell that story. “People in the outdoor industry want to know where the products they spend their money on originate. However, the series isn’t about the products – or even the companies – it is about the people behind those material things. I tried my best to feature companies who have histories and philosophies that embody the American Dream – that with hard work and ingenuity, anyone can overcome the greatest of obstacles,” shared Branlin Shockey.

“We are incredibly proud of the ‘American Made’ series. Transparency and authenticity are very important to our audience, which is why showcasing brands who are true to themselves and their customers makes this series so unique. The icing on the cake is that these stories give viewers more reasons support these entrepreneurs,” said Tim Cremin, Head of Programming for Outdoor Sportsman Group.

From featuring firearm manufacturer, Ruger, to an optics brand, Leupold, a lifestyle manufacture, OriginUSA, and mixing in beer (Big Tent) and bourbon (Yellowstone Bourbon), American Made shows how each owner and business leader never compromised on their vision.

“Our hope is that viewers take away that this ingenuity and pure gumption lies within them, too. We really saw this when we visited Pete Roberts, the visionary leader behind OriginUSA. He showed us photos of when he’d just started the company, and it’s a bit like looking at the early days of Apple or Microsoft, you feel there is no way this person started THIS giant company in this way. There had to be some other factor at play, and then you realize that the only factors needed lie within us. Many of North America’s greatest success stories have humble beginnings… and Pete is still humble,” shared Shockey.

American Made is produced by Branlin Shockey/Rogue Media and airs exclusively on Outdoor Channel.

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