Novix Outdoors Hybrid Treestand

Novix Outdoors Hybrid Treestand

Novix Outdoors recently released their all new Raider Hybrid Treestand, which has changed the game for mobile hunters. Being a first of its kind, it was created for the hunter who wants the size of a saddle platform with the added ability to sit down when needed. At only 8 pounds, the Raider Hybrid Treestand is the ultimate mobile hunting setup that allows hunters to choose between saddle hunting and traditional treestand hunting.

The Raider Hybrid Treestand carries many unique features that set it apart from all others. The small padded ‘boat style’ seat acts as a leaning point when standing and allows saddle hunters to sit when the action slows. Novix also designed the seat to be used as a climbing stick caddy by creating special notches in the seat to attach climbing sticks, and can be used as a storage compartment for straps and other accessories when in the folded position.

The hybrid stand was also designed with the cables in the middle of the platform so the hunter has full access to work the entire platform for saddle hunting and plenty of room to stand when not. The stand also carries Novix’s signature features such as the “Offset Bracket” for left to right adjustments, platform leveling adjustments, seat leveling adjustments, as well as their signature “Frost Coating” to eliminate shine and to provide texture for better grip in slippery elements.

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