Nosler’s Millard and Gadarzi Finish in the Top at the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge AG Qualifier

Nosler’s Millard and Gadarzi Finish in the Top at the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge AG Qualifier

Evanston, WY –– Congratulations to Nosler Sponsored Shooters Jake Millard and Nick Gadarzi at the 2023 Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge AG Qualifier. Millard secured an impressive 4th place out of 189 competitors with a score of 159, while Gadarzi closely followed, securing 9th place with a score of 154.

The 2023 Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge AG Qualifier, held at Hornady’s Private 250,000-acre property outside of Evanston, WY, marked the second annual public shooting event of its kind. With more than 190 competitors from various states, the event provided an intense battle for a spot on the podium, challenging shooters with difficult wind conditions across 20 stages over the course of two days.

Millard, who earned the top position in the junior category, showcased exceptional marksmanship using a 6mm Creedmoor loaded with Nosler’s 115gr RDFs. Despite winds gusting to 30mph, Millard secured first shot hits on all long-range targets out to 1730 yards. Nick Gadarzi, another talented Nosler Sponsored Shooter, displayed remarkable skill throughout the competition. He competed with a 6mm Dasher equipped with Nosler’s 105gr RDFs.

Nosler remains committed to supporting and empowering shooters like Jake Millard and Nick Gadarzi, providing them with the top-quality products they need to achieve their goals and support their passion for the sport.

About Nosler RDF® Bullets

Nosler’s RDF bullets were designed from the ground up to provide exceptionally high BCs to create the flattest trajectory and least wind drift possible. The RDF’s outstanding performance can be attributed to the meticulously optimized compound ogive and long, drag reducing boattail, which create an incredibly sleek form factor.

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