NORSK 50AH 12V Heated Kayak Battery

NORSK 50AH 12V Heated Kayak Battery

NORSK Lithium Reveals 50AH 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery with Thermal Core Heating Technology – a powerful problem-solver for today’s kayak angler

NORSK 50AH 12V Heated Kayak Battery

New Hope, MN (July 6, 2023) – Interest in kayak fishing has grown significantly over the past half-dozen years or so, with hordes of anglers taking to the water in small, personal watercraft. Some ‘yaks are very basic sit-inside models with entry-level fish-finders—while other sit-on-top models are being rigged with the same forward-facing sonar, iPilot and Spot-Lock-enabled trolling motors you’d find on full-size bass boats. Electronic anchors have been downsized, too, providing even better boat control to kayak anglers.

Not to mention that many kayak anglers are filming their fishing forays for posting to social media, so there’s a power need for GoPro and other POV cameras, cell phone charging—as well as lighting, navigational and otherwise. Ultimately, what all levels of fishing kayaks have in common is the need for reliable power.

Enter NORSK Lithium.

With a full reveal scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, July 11th, at ICAST Booth #833 in Orlando, Florida, NORSK Lithium couldn’t be more excited to introduce the sportfishing industry to a brand-new design in lithium kayak batteries.

“Our brand-new 50AH 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery with Thermal Core Heating Technology is the lithium battery most kayak anglers need—and have asked for. While you have tournament kayak anglers on the fringe of the sport—like NORSK kayak pro Elvis Lee—who are using our 80 Ah and 100 Ah lithium batteries in extreme scenarios that require powering a 55-lb. thrust bow-mount trolling motor at maximum for 12 straight hours or longer while scouting a new body or water–or encountering multi-day fishing situations where recharging each night just isn’t possible. However, most kayak anglers don’t need that much juice. It’s pretty extreme and not representative of the greater kayak angling community. If you need that much power, NORSK Lithium has you covered with our 80 Ah and 100 Ah lithium marine batteries. But if you find your power requirements to fall short of the extreme, our 12V 50Ah battery sits right in the sweet spot of balance between power and weight,” says NORSK Lithium Marketing Director, James Holst.

“NORSK Lithium’s goal with the new 50AH 12V Heated Kayak Battery was to find the perfect balance of weight and size—and still provide a really long run time. Most kayak anglers are going to motor to a spot, stop and fish, and then they’re going to move to the next spot, stop and fish. Rinse and repeat, right? This is the battery that will keep those kayak anglers on the water all day long. It will power trolling motors, forward-facing sonar, and anything else you want to connect to it. And the form factor is super compact and very, very light at just under 14 pounds.”

The other benefit of the new NORSK Lithium 50AH 12V Heated Kayak Battery is its compact size. Kayak anglers won’t struggle with finding room for the 13” x 6” x 7” power source in their boat (rear, middle, or forward)—and it won’t change the balance of the kayak appreciably, which a lot of kayak anglers talk about with battery weight and size.

“In that manner, it was designed to be the every-kayak angler’s battery,” adds Holst.

“It also has other uses. Take for instance the retiree who has a 14-foot boat on a dock but no power at the dock to recharge his transom trolling motor and fish-finder battery. Imagine having to heft a heavy lead acid battery from the lake up to the cabin. That’s no fun. With the NORSK Lithium 50AH 12V Heated Kayak Battery, you can leave it on the strap, throw the strap over your shoulder, and walk up the hill like you’re carrying a stringer of fish. Not to mention that it will outperform any heavy Group 27 lead acid battery on the market. You will get far more power out of that little lithium battery than you ever would out of a heavy lead acid battery.”

Holst offers a personal note: “Here’s another use: I’m taking this battery to elk camp this year. While it’s not intended to be your hike-up-a-giant-mountain battery, it will work great as the base camp battery where everyone can charge their GPS units, headlamps, and cell phones. There will be plenty of power for everybody in camp for the entire two week hunt on one single charge.”

ABOUT: NEW! NORSK LITHIUM 50AH 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

The NORSK Lithium 50Ah battery is the perfect choice for the kayak angler who wants the staggering benefits of a lithium battery performance to power a trolling motor, electronic anchors, and sonar units while maximizing the significant weight-savings without compromising on size.

NORSK Lithium batteries are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 standards to produce the highest quality, most reliable batteries on the market. It includes a handy carrying strap for ease of transport on- and off-the-water. Combined with our industry-leading NORSK Guardian™ App and Thermal Core heating, that makes this battery suitable for year ‘round use. Ultimately there is no better battery for the kayak angler.


  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePo4)
  • Rated Capacity: 50AH
  • Voltage Range: 10-14.6V
  • Weight: 13.7 lbs.
  • Size: 13” x 6” x 7”
  • Lifespan: 4,000+ Cycles, 15-20 years
  • Warranty: 10 Year + NORSK Guardian™ app technical support

MSRP: $679.99


Minnesota-based NORSK Lithium pro staffer, Rocky Vang, is one of the first kayak anglers who’s put the new 50AH 12V Heated Kayak Battery through real-world paces. Like a lot of kayak anglers, Vang started off as a shore angler who wanted to expand his reach.

“I bought my Native Titan Propel 10.5 seven years ago and am still fishing out of it. It’s a great boat for how I fish. It has a removable pedal drive right in the middle of the hull, and I added a plate that allows inserting my 36-inch Minn Kota EnduraMAX 30 lb. thrust transom-mount motor in the same spot for maneuvering the boat with one hand. I used to run the Minn-Kota EnduraMAX 55 lb. thrust motor with 36-inch shaft but found it was actually too much power and speed for how and where I fish. So I stepped down to the 30, which gets me to the places I need to go. My kayak’s also rigged with a Garmin 93sv with LiveScope, a GoPro, and lighting that all requires reliable power. I have not run into any issues with the new NORSK 50AH 12V Heated Kayak Battery powering everything fishing for a full day,” volunteers Vang.

Where does Vang go in his rig?

When competing in occasional tournaments, he will trailer his ‘yak out-of-state, but spends far more time “fun fishing” Minnesota lakes and rivers, citing various stretches of the Mississippi River as some of his favorite water. And Vang’s pretty hardcore when it comes to river fishing, putting in many hours during the dead of winter below areas of warm-water discharge known for their non-hardwater bites.

“So, I’m really excited about the Heated Core aspect of the new NORSK Lithium 50AH kayak battery. There’s a great winter river smallmouth bass bite on the Upper Mississippi and I like to fish open water as much as I can during the winter months, even though I also ice fish a lot. That’s the other great thing about this battery—it will serve dual purposes for me. I can use it in my kayak or on the ice with LiveScope and my other ice fishing gear,” notes Vang.

Vang continues: “I also like the size of this new 50AH battery. It’s very convenient. With the included shoulder strap, you just grab it, hook it over your shoulder, grab your tackle box, grab your rods, and go. And the size gives me enough room in my battery box to add the LiveScope blackbox as well as some other stuff.”

Again, only an occasional kayak tournament angler, when we spoke with Rocky he was actually pre-fishing for a Badger State Championship Trail event in Madison, Wisconsin. In Minnesota he’s fished events on the Slay National Trail, although he’s not an official member. “I usually just join their tournaments by paying a non-membership fee,” remarks Vang.

Still, Vang’s tournament success has been good—out-of-state, at Slay Nation events, and MinnYak tourneys.

“The best finish I’ve had was 2nd Place last year on the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, and a few other 2nd and 3rd places. And then I finished 3rd place on the Mississippi River in Monticello. But I’m still looking for a 1st place; that would be cool,” offers Vang.

Follow Rocky Vang’s kayak fishing via his YouTube channel, MNBassYaking.


When it’s time to start catching fish and taking names, you want NORSK Lithium on your side. We aren’t some overseas battery manufacturer. We are open-water anglers and ice fishermen who traverse the U.S. and Canada chasing the best bites. We make the bone-jarring 50-mile run across big water. We live for the adrenaline rush of a 40-mile trek by snowmobile in the freezing cold just to snag the best ice fishing hits.

Our lithium batteries have been tested in the harshest conditions by the harshest critics – us. We push our lithium batteries to the limit because we crave the finest fishing experience possible. No angler should be thwarted by second-rate battery performance. You don’t need to settle for your grandpa’s technology.

Utilizing the super-efficient, unbeatable potency of lithium technology, NORSK Lithium batteries reduce cheap knock-offs to fancy paperweights. Every NORSK Lithium battery is built to endure. Our batteries outwork the competition every time.

Norsk Lithium powers your passion so you can chase adventure. We personally rely on these same batteries to power our pursuit of an exhilarating outdoor experience.

Our commitment to you is the same promise we make to ourselves – we will never cut corners, we will never stop improving our battery technology – and we will always take care of our customers after the sale.

Your story is our story. We have intentionally tethered our business’s success to our customers’ satisfaction. Including us. NORSK Lithium exists to power your passion for the great outdoors.


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