Norrøna and Distinguished Architecture Firm Dorte Mandrup Join Forces to Create Unique Nature Hotel Above the Arctic

Norrøna and Distinguished Architecture Firm Dorte Mandrup Join Forces to Create Unique Nature Hotel Above the Arctic

Heritage Norwegian adventure and outdoor brand Norrøna is pleased to share development plans for an intimate nature hotel in Senja, Norway. Designed by the internationally acclaimed architecture studio Dorte Mandrup, together with consultants TID Studio, the hotel sits on an islet overlooking the Norwegian Sea and the mountainous peninsula, merging with its surroundings. The hotel’s access to nearby hiking, skiing, swimming and whale watching will establish Senja as a destination for international adventure tourism.

“Norrøna’s ambition to inspire people to explore nature and to create a community around outdoor experiences is truly inspiring, and we want to reflect that by shaping the hotel as an extension of the journey into nature,” said Dorte Mandrup, founder and creative director of Dorte Mandrup A/S. “The site is unique, and we want to build a small hotel with a subdued expression, which does not draw attention from the surroundings. The mountains and the sea will dominate this landscape, allowing visitors to be immersed in their surroundings.”

The hotel will feature 24 rooms, where guests will mainly arrive by boat. Norrøna’s ambition is to attract tourists from all over the world. The plan is to build approximately 1,800-square-meters with guest rooms, a restaurant, sauna and conservatory. To blend in with the adjacent terrain, the hotel is designed as individual cabins, connected by a large stone roof that continues the formations of the surrounding landscape, blending the lines between nature and the hotel.

“We have high ambitions in all our projects, and here, too, we want to create a world class experience. This plot deserves the best of architecture, materials and craftsmanship, and we are delighted to have Dorte Mandrup join the team,” said Jørgen Jørgensen, Norrøna CEO and owner. “We want to show the world the wonderful nature and people of Senja, and give our guests experiences they can’t get anywhere else. At the same time, we want to create good jobs for the local economy and lift the whole area.”

The project will be assessed by Senja municipality, which has already been informed of the plans.

“These are exciting plans and will be a nice addition to tourism in Senja. I believe the hotel will attract quality-conscious guests and contribute to making Senja a tourist destination, which will benefit the local community,” shared mayor Geir Inge Sivertsen.

Norrøna aims to have the new hotel completed in 2026, and expects that it will provide 10 to 20 year-round jobs, and in addition to creating demand for goods and services locally.

The building called “Kråkeslottet” (the Crow Castle), which stands on the site today, has been proposed to be demolished because of its poor technical condition. Norrøna hopes that parts of the building can be preserved, either as elements in the new hotel, or through collaboration with others who want components from Kråkeslottet.

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About Dorte Mandrup: Danish architecture studio Dorte Mandrup is internationally renowned for their contextual approach, designing buildings that enhance the awareness and experience of each place. Founded by architect Dorte Mandrup in 1999, the studio consists of an international team of 85 employees working across scale and geography. In recent years, the studio has distinguished itself in the architectural field with their ability to work within complex and sensitive contexts. Among the most prominent projects are the Wadden Sea Centre in Denmark, Kangiata Illorsua – Ilulissat Icefjord Centre in Greenland, The Whale in Norway, the Exile Museum in Berlin, and the Nunavut Inuit Heritage Centre in Canada’s Northernmost territory. Read more at

About Norrøna: In 1929, Jørgen Jørgensen, a Norwegian outdoor enthusiast, began his search for durable outdoor equipment to perform in Norway´s harsh and rugged land. Starting with simple innovations such as leather straps, canvas backpacks and cotton clothing, he set Norrøna’s direction: To search for the best in technical advancements and to create the ultimate performance products. Today, four generations later, Norrøna is still a family-owned and run company and a leader in the growing market of sustainable sportswear.