NNormal is launching Tomir 2.0, the new and improved version of its shoe, after listening to community feedback

NNormal is launching Tomir 2.0, the new and improved version of its shoe, after listening to community feedback.

The Tomir 2.0 is the result of NNormal’s commitment to its community. It features significant durability, geometry and cushioning improvements.

NNormal, the sports gear brand founded by Kilian Jornet and Camper in 2022, has just launched Tomir 2.0. This improved version of its shoe was developed after a year of listening to feedback from consumers and the community. Thus, all the best features of the classic Tomir have been updated, resulting in a more durable shoe, with an improved midsole and more cushioning.

Since Tomir 1.0 came out, NNormal has paid close attention to the feedback from its athletes and community. Alongside intensive research, this has enabled us to launch a new version of the shoe while keeping the key elements: durability and resistance.

“In launching Tomir 2.0 we are improving on three key aspects raised by our community, for which our product team has found solutions. We remain committed to launching new products only when we’ve improved key aspects of the shoe,” said Sito Luis Salas, NNormal’s CEO.

NNormal has made three main changes to the upgraded version of the shoe: durability, as some of its components have been improved; the width of the base, as the geometry of the sole has been slightly changed; and energy savings, as the cushioning has been improved to encourage the feeling of effortless running.

More durable than ever

Tomir 2.0 is constructed with a highly-durable 360º nylon thread sewn completely around the midsole. This detail not only improves durability, but also prevents delamination. This ensures that the shoes remain in perfect condition for a longer life cycle than the previous version.

The upper material in the upgraded version is made of durable polyester monofilament combined with TPE thread for exceptional abrasion resistance. This blend of materials not only provides superior protection but also ensures that the shoe remains light and breathable.

Run more, run further

As an ideal ally for long distance running, NNormal has improved Tomir 2.0’s sole design and geometry to minimise the impact and ensure a smoother run. In response to community demand, the shoe features an improved, slightly higher toe spring shape which results in an improved rocker.

Ultra-distance runners have put Tomir 2.0 through its paces. It is now the shoe of choice for athletes such as Dakota Jones in ultra-distance races: “Tomir 2.0 is the best shoe I’ve ever tested. The improvements make the new Tomir a versatile, smooth and responsive shoe. Wearers will notice a soft, forward-rolling feel, ideal for comfort on longer runs.”

Tomir 2.0’s base has been slightly widened too, offering superior stability for the feet. This feature also improves the ground contact sensation, allowing for more confident running even on irregular surfaces or challenging conditions.

Run with greater cushioning

Energy saving during the run is the third major improvement of the renewed version of the Tomir 1.0. Thanks to the EExpure foam integrated into the midsole, the Tomir 2.0 provides superior cushioning compared to its predecessor. This compound increases energy efficiency during running and allows for a sensation of less effort.

In addition, resilient EVA foam, infused with CO2 gas, makes this shoe’s midsole lighter. This combination not only reduces the weight of the footwear but also provides an extraordinary response with every step.

Colours and availability in stores

The Tomir 2.0 is available in 4 colours: black, beige, white, and green.

NNormal wants to reward its community and from March 15th offers all its members in Europe the option to purchase their Tomir 2.0 and receive it within the established delivery period. Those who are not part of the community will be able to join it in simple steps, or purchase their sneakers on pre-order to receive them at the beginning of April.

On March 15th, the Tomir 2.0 will be available in black, while the other colours will be available for pre-order and will be delivered at the beginning of April. From then on, all colours will be available at and in specialised stores, for a retail price of €160. Tomir 2.0 boot will be available from March 15th for a price of 170 €.

In the United States, the Tomir 2.0 will be available in all four colours from April 2nd on and in specialised stores for a retail price of $170. From March 15th until April 2nd, anyone interested can activate a notification on the NNormal website to receive an alert when the sneakers are available for online purchase. The Tomir 2.0 boot will be available from March 15th for 175 $.

Meanwhile, the Tomir 1.0 moves to a reduced price ($130). Discover the main differences between the Tomir 1.0 and the Tomir 2.0 at the following link.