NFM Tailoring the Future of Combat Clothing in EU Development Program

NFM Tailoring the Future of Combat Clothing in EU Development Program

NFM Group AS has been selected with partners within the European Defense Fund (EDF) to deliver on the ARMETISS smart textile development program. The project, a €20 million EU-funded project, will develop innovative textile technologies to create smart clothing for soldiers, improving their performance, safety, and well-being.

ARMETISS (Smart Multifunction Textiles for integrated Soldier Systems) aims to develop a set of smart clothes and equipment integrating complementary functions based on EU end-users’ needs and textile-based advanced technologies. The project output will provide the necessary functionality to enhance soldiers’ capacity to perform their demanding tasks while increasing their safety and well-being during military operations.

The ARMETISS project will initiate the development of innovative textile technologies, tailored to cater to the varied needs of the modern soldier by integrating smart functionalities.

“Being selected for the ARMETISS project emphasises our position as forerunners in military textile technology development. This venture reaffirms our commitment to enhancing soldier safety and marks a significant milestone for NFM’s innovation,” says Walter Øverland, CEO of NFM Group AS.

The ARMETISS consortium comprises a total of 18 selected members and spans nine countries.

This powerful union of partners strengthens the program’s potential for successful implementation and promises profound advancements in the realm of multifunctional smart textiles for soldiers.