NFM Launching New THOR™ MCVS Light Weight at EUROSATORY 2024

NFM Launching New THOR™ MCVS Light Weight at EUROSATORY 2024

Paris, France – June 17, 2024 – The THOR™ MCVS-LW an individual load bearing and ballistic protection vest, designed specifically for military and law enforcement personnel who prioritize low weight, slim fit and quick water drainage. This vest ensures comfort, modularity, light weight, and functionality in diverse operational environments.

“Our mission at NFM has always been to provide the best possible protection and solutions for those who serve on the front lines,” said Tor Inge Thun, Chief Product Officer at NFM. ” The THOR™ MCVS-LW is a testament to this commitment, offering unparalleled weight efficiency and quick-drying capabilities without compromising on ballistic protection.”

Advanced features and superior design

The THOR™ MCVS-LW is constructed from laser cut flame retardant, hydrophobic and colorfast laminates, permitting to integrate functionalities such as pouch attachment interface. The Omega material used in the vest excels in water operations, ensuring no added weight when exiting the water and allowing for rapid drainage.

The MCVS-LW’s design leverages the unique properties of the Omega material, enabling users to maintain high mobility and comfort even in wet conditions. This vest is truly a game-changer for operations involving water ”, says Thun.

Key Features of the THOR™ MCVS Light Weight:

  • Optimal weight-performance ratio: The vest’s low weight does not come at the expense of protection, ensuring optimal performance in the field.
  • Modular design: Primarily set up for plate carrier configuration, the MCVS-LW offers the same modularity as the MCVS 3.0, allowing users to customize their loadout as needed.
  • Advanced protection: With front and back ballistic protection panels and plates, the MCVS-LW safeguards against high-speed fragments, handgun, and rifle ammunition, protecting vital anatomical structures within the thorax.
  • Load bearing capacity: The laser-cut pouch attachment system on the vest’s front, back, and sides ensures efficient load distribution and easy access to mission-critical equipment.
  • Enhanced mobility and comfort: The padded shoulder supports distribute pressure evenly, while the front and back comfort pads enhance airflow, reducing moisture buildup and ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Quick release mechanism: The slim G-hooks on the shoulders and Tubes® buckles on the sides allow for quick release and easy closing, providing a secure fit that is easy to manage even with gloved hands.
  • Field repairability: The waist Tubes® can be easily exchanged by the user without the need for specific tools, ensuring the vest remains functional in the field.

The THOR™ MCVS-LW is designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring they have the best possible equipment to perform their duties effectively and safely,” says Thun. “We are proud to introduce this innovative vest at EUROSATORY 2024 and look forward to demonstrating its capabilities .”

NFM invites all attendees of EUROSATORY 2024 to visit our booth in Hall 6, stand G145, to explore the THOR™ MCVS-LW and witness the future of lightweight, modular combat vest systems.

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