NEXTORCH Introduces the New TA31 UItra-Bright Tactical Searchlight

NEXTORCH Industries, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of illumination tools and specialized equipment for law enforcement, first responder, tactical, and outdoor applications, is proud to announce the New NEXTORCH

TA31 UItra-Bright Tactical Searchlight. With an output of 10,000 lumens, the TA31 turns the dead of night into day, offering crystal clear visibility while casting its beam over four football fields end-to-end, allowing for full area coverage or targeted searching.

This professional, robust illumination device was designed and engineered to meet the special demands of high-stake operations. The NEXTORCH TA31 is a powerhouse of a tactical flashlight and the perfect solution for duty, search and rescue operations, and recovering game animals after dark. Even with its powerful output, this flashlight remains compact and portable with an ergonomically design for weight and balance.

Crafted for tactical efficiency, the TA31 features NEXTORCH’s patented One-Step-Strobe technology, a 2-stage button on the tail that allows for an override of the constant functions with a half-press for high and a full-press for an immediate strobe. A smart temperature control system maintains optimal performance and safety while in use. The smart sensor technology prevents accidental blinding when detecting objects at close-range. Quick charging of the 2 hardwired 4800 mAh Li-ion batteries is made easy with a USB direct 18W QC fast-charger, giving the new TA31 an incredible 170-hour maximum runtime.

The TA31’s robust construction includes a stainless-steel strike bezel that is impact-resistant up to 6.5 ft., making it ready for even the toughest environments. Embedded with nano-ceramic beads in the head, second only to diamonds in hardness, the TA31 is able to break tempered glass easily in emergency/rescue situations or to gain a tactical advantage in self-defense scenarios. This state-of-the-art illumination tool is also IPX-8 rated as waterproof up to 6.5 ft.


  •  2 stage One-Step-Strobe button
  •  Magnetic rotary switch
  •  Nano-ceramic glass breakers
  •  USB-C direct rechargeable built in battery
  •  IPX7 rated, waterproof to 6.5 ft.

MSRP: $244.99

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