NEXTORCH Includes Candela Information for All Illumination Products

NEXTORCH Includes Candela Information for All Illumination Products

NEXTORCH Industries, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of illumination tools and specialized equipment for law enforcement, first responder, tactical, and outdoor applications, is pleased to announce their move to include Candela information for all their illumination products.

“In an effort to make comparing lighting output information between brands simpler, we will now be publishing the Candela figures for all of our lights,” said Jordan Brothers, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, NEXTORCH. “Historically, we’ve included figures for lumens and beam distance (throw) for our lights, in an effort to give our customers an accurate picture of how a product will perform in the real world. Moving forward we will continue to list those figures, but in response to requests from our retail partners, we will also include Candela in an effort to simplify the shopping experience for their customers.”

NEXTORCH Includes Candela Information for All Illumination Products

About Candela

Where Lumens are a measurement of a light’s total output, Candela is the measurement of the brightest part of a light’s output. This makes it an extremely useful measure, especially for users that are looking for a high-intensity light with a very tight beam for use at greater distances. Candela is a great measure of useable light, especially once you have used a few different lights with various Candelas in real world situations, and understand how those figures translate to useability. However, it can be challenging to understand how extremely high Candela numbers translate to the real world without a frame of reference. For that reason, NEXTORCH will continue to list maximum effective beam distance and lumens for easy reference for those customers that aren’t as familiar with Candela.

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