Next Generation EXCELER

Cypress, CA – DAIWA is extremely proud to introduce significant improvements to its ultra-popular EXCELER family—reels that offer striking good looks, smooth performance, confident drag, and more for around $100—in sizes from 1000 to 6000.

“We kind of went back to the drawing board with the EXCELER,” says DAIWA Senior Marketing Manager, Marc Mills. “First, we upgraded to a carbon fiber body—ZAION V—so the new version is lighter than current EXCELER models for comparable sizes.”

Mills continues: “We also went to an AIRDRIVE ROTOR, so rather than an air rotor, AIRDRIVE ROTORS are much lighter. We also changed the bail to a thinner, lighter (yet solid) AIRDRIVE BAIL. We selected a solid bail wire for its rigidity and resistance to bending during normal use; the thinner, smaller wire is also lighter, which reduces the weight of the rotation, thus reducing the weight of the reel.”

Countless anglers spanning the globe have proved it: The original EXCELER LT is a smartly-priced reel that can match the performance of many more expensive models.

While the previous generation featured Carbon Light Material—the next generation sports a ZAION V body for lighter weight and greater rigidity.

Its machined aluminum handle is a comfortable, strong connection to the main gear of the spinning reel. And the retooled EXCELER is extremely smooth utilizing 5 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing to maximize performance.


  • NEW! ZAION V Body (3%-5% lighter than current model)
  • Machined aluminum screw-in handle
  • Ball Bearing-Supported Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD™)
  • Gear ratios between 5.2:1 and 6.2:1
  • Line-Per-Turn: 25.5-inches (1000 size) to 36.2-inches (6000 size)

MSRP $99.99-$119.99

In a world of you get what you pay for, the re-designed EXCELER spinning reel family gives you more design technology and concept than reels twice the price.

About Daiwa Corporation

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