New South Bend Jigs Screw Top Packaging

New South Bend Jigs Screw Top Packaging

Every panfish angler needs to be well equipped with a variety of jigs, but the trouble is keeping them in good condition and from making a mess of their boat or tackle box. The new South Bend Bottled Bare Panfish Jigs come in a screw top carrying case that’s tackle box friendly and protects both the fine wire hook and paint of this versatile little jig.

Ask any angler and they will agree that jigs are incredibly multi-functional and effective, proven time and time again to catch all your favorite panfish species. The South Bend Ultrafight Bottled Bare Panfish Jigs deliver the versatility any avid angler demands. The key feature that sets South Bend jigs apart from the rest is the screw top carrying and storage case. This sealable bottled case is water resistant, helping to keep your jigs from rusting and your jig paint from chipping. This convenient little case also helps you keep your tackle box organized, making it oh-so simple to jig. Simply grab your case, throw in your pocket when you plan to go shore fishing or wading, and you are ready to go.

What is a panfish? Think of panfish as literally any fish that at its adult size will fit easily into a frying pan. Panfishing is a great activity for beginner anglers. Many an expert have gotten their start by chasing these fish. Most anglers will agree that early morning and late evening are the best times to see the most action and find the biggest panfish.

Most panfish species tend to have tiny mouths which necessitates the use of small, lightweight lures. It is very easy as an angler to lose, misplace, or damage the paint on these small jig heads. The Ultrafight Bottled Bare Jig storage case solves all these issues by keeping your jigs clean, dry, and all in one place.

South Bend product developer Ben Hayes has worked hard to create a jig that competes with the best. Hayes notes, “Our fine wire hook is thin enough to keep live bait presentations like minnows alive and swimming. Yet at the same time, our design is also perfect for rigging small plastics and scented baits that can be so deadly in cold water settings.”

South Bend Bottled Bare Panfish Jigs are available in five striking colors and two different weight options, these jigs are sure to earn a spot in your panfish starting lineup.

Learn more about the Ultrafight Bottled Bare Jig at Calcutta Outdoors’ online store.

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