See two of the most popular 30-cals in history battle to determine the best.

BARNEVELD, Wis. – More velocity vs less recoil. Proven versatility vs better precision at longer range. The old-reliable “thirty-aught-six” goes head to head with its younger, little brother, the .308 Winchester, in the latest episode of Cartridge Talks—a new series on the Vortex Nation™ YouTube channel. Click here to watch.

Taking a hard look at this pair of aging rockstars in the shooting world, Episode 2 follows the same fun format that resonated viewers in the premier episode, which pit the 6.5 Creedmoor® against the .308 Winchester.

I’m glad they [Vortex®] take community suggestions seriously and actually do them. So many YouTubers/companys [sic] don’t.

Spectacular production quality, great scripting…The pacing is perfect and the knowledge, content, and real-world ammo used makes the series a winner…
—Mike Macmahon

In Episode 2, the hosts of Cartridge Talks—Mark Boardman and Ryan Muckenhirn—put on a ballistics gel-induced bullet battle of two 30-caliber greats loved by generations of hunters and shooters. Putting their biases on the shelf, the team puts as much of a scientific process to the debates as possible to examine projectile performance, muzzle velocities, “shootability,” access to ammo, and more to help viewers select the ideal cartridge for their next hunt.

Viewers are invited to check out Ep. 2 and drop suggestions for future cartridge battles in the comments section. Upcoming shows in the series include:

  • August, Ep. 3 — .270 Winchester vs. 30-06 Springfield
  • September, Ep.4 — .308 Winchester vs. .300 Winchester Magnum

Cartridge Talks is entirely built on customer feedback,” says Vortex® Content Manager, Erik Barber. “After years of listening to feedback from Vortex Nation™, we’re thrilled to deliver a fun show with great information people can use, whether you’re an enthusiast or beginner.”

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