New Flash Hiders from Forward Controls Design x Revival Defense

New Flash Hiders from Forward Controls Design x Revival Defense

Forward Controls Design and Revival Defense are proud to announce the release of their new family of flash suppressor/suppressor mounts: The 6315RF and 6310RF

The Rearden ATLAS system uses a short, lightweight threaded taper mount muzzle device, which is a popular mounting system. Revival Defense and Forward Controls Design have brought the functionalities and versatilities of the 6315 design to Plan B/Rearden ATLAS compatible mounts. 6315RF (1/2×28) and 6310RF (5/8×24) are the results of the joint development.

The RF series of muzzle devices are based on Forward Controls Design’s 6315 flash suppressor/compensator introduced in 2017. The 6315 design has been incorporated into many popular Dead Air suppressor mounts, such as the 6315KM (Keymo) and 6315XE (Xeno).

6315RF and 6310RF are closed tine, closed bottom flash hider/compensators that are not only durable and capable of consistent suppressor lockup but are also a useful and practical muzzle device without a suppressor mounted.

Flash Suppressor: On most platforms, we prefer flash suppressors for practical reasons. While muzzle brakes provide recoil mitigation, they also produce concussion and flash. RF muzzle devices have identical flash mitigation performance as a standard A2 birdcage, despite being shorter. Internal concentric grooves also increase the surface area of the flash tines without requiring a longer device.

Flash suppression comparison.  For more information, please visit

Closed Tine: Closed tine devices reduce the likelihood of snagging on vegetation and webbing. Fully enclosed designs are also stronger.

Closed Bottom: A closed bottom acts as a compensator. It also helps to mitigate dust signature when shooting in prone. 6315RF features asymmetric ports with 10 to 15% better muzzle rise compensation over the A2. For more info on closed bottom, please visit this link:

Suppressor Mount: 6315RF & 6310RF provide a durable and consistent suppressor mount that don’t add weight or length to the front of the firearm. Designed to accept the popular Rearden ATLAS / Q Plan B system, the RF Series is also short enough to maintain compatibility with suppressors that have limited space in the initial blast chamber, such as the CGS Helios QD. These are also designed with a tapered mount, which provides a consistent seal for the carbon, preventing any leakage and keeping the can tight under hard use.

Pièce De Résistance – Rear A2-Style Wrench Slots: Torque specifications matter, and this is particularly true when mounting a suppressor mount to your barrel. RF muzzle devices are compatible with a standard armorer’s wrench and 3/4 wrench, with the wrench flats in the familiar location in rear, behind the ports.. This is beneficial for both installation, or if a suppressor becomes seized on the rifle and additional leverage on the muzzle device with a wrench is needed to loosen the suppressor.

“Revival Defense was established in July 2021 while we were still in California. If someone had told us then that we would have our own product on the market just over a year later, we would have found it hard to believe. Although designing and creating products that have a practical purpose has always been a desire, we did not think it would be a reality this early in our journey.”

– Akshay, Owner of Revival Defense

6315RF and 6310RF can be purchased below:

• 6315RF – 1/2×28 / .223 Caliber

• 6310RF – 5/8×24 / 30 Caliber