New Fishing Lures from Rapala at ICAST 2023

Rapala introduced a large new variety of new fishing lures for 2024 at ICAST 2023. Here are a few of the highlights.


What sets the Bronco Bug apart from the competition is a perfect level of body thickness, which allows an angler to Texas rig a hook to keep it snagless, while allowing for easy penetration of the hook. It features a dolphin-like swimming action and a “Bronco Buck” kick when jigged. The body of the bait has raised ribs on each side to hide the hook point, meaning that when one side of the bait starts to show wear, the hook can be flipped without compromising any action, thereby increasing durability and efficiency. The appendages face forward, which means they’ll create a disturbance larger than that of the overall package and remain quivering with the slightest bit of current or angler manipulation. 15 colors. MSRP $6.99 a pack


Collaborating with Jacob Wheeler, the product engineers at Rapala sought to create the ultimate chatterbait/spinnerbait trailer bait. It can be used as a vibrating jig trailer, alone as a swimbait, or for countless other traditional and novel soft plastic presentations. The body features miniature ribs for added action, water movement and a realistic texture, but the unsung hero of this product is the tail, which tapers to a point, albeit one with a ball at the end. That creates a kicking action which is subtly realistic. It’s the reason why it has quickly become Wheeler’s spinnerbait trailer of choice, too, adding a bit of bulk, color contrast, and a touch of ultra-realism. 4 1/4 inches long. 6-pack for $5.99. 17 custom colors


This small, flat-sided lure is made with premium balsa wood and features a circuit board lip. The flat-sided body design, combined with its balsa wood construction gives it a tight and finesse wobble. Getting the deep diving swim was a labor of love but Ott Defoe has perfected it in this new staple of cold water fishing.The new OG Deep Tiny 7 comes in 19 natural colors with a body length of 2-1/4 inches and weighs 5/16-ounce. MSRP $10.99.

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