New FALCO Holsters Fit Handguns with Weapon Mounted Lights, Lasers and Red Dots

New FALCO Holsters Fit Handguns with Weapon Mounted Lights, Lasers and Red Dots

FALCO® Holsters, globally recognized for exceptional artisanship in every handcrafted, purpose-built leather holster, announces a new category of premium leather LR Light-bearing holsters that accommodate firearms fitted with tactical lights, lasers, and RMRs.

New FALCO Holsters Fit Handguns with Weapon Mounted Lights, Lasers and Red Dots

“More than ever, people are equipping their everyday carry guns with weapon-mounted lights, lasers, and red dots,” said FALCO Holsters Vice President of Sales and Marketing Katarína Zacharová. “Gun owners often struggle to find comfortable, efficient, and secure holsters to accommodate various accessories they add to their firearms, and FALCO is answering the call,” she said. “Staying true to our mission, our holster assortment delivers extensive gun/light compatibility for customers who don’t want to settle for universal solutions.”

According to Paul Glasco, host of the Legally Armed America television show and YouTube channel, “Like many folks, I carry every day, and most of my favorite sidearms now have accessories. Some days I carry my light-equipped pistol, while other days, I choose my handgun with a red dot. I must have a comfortable, concealable, and safe holster for whichever gun/accessory combination I choose. The new FALCO Holsters LR line checks all those boxes for me by offering so many choices,” he said. “Plus, they all have great retention, covered trigger guards, and excellent fit for whatever firearm I carry.”

“The FALCO Holsters LR light-bearing holster line expands on our best-selling line of Timeless premium leather holsters,” stated Zacharová. Designs accommodating rail-mounted light, laser, and red dot accessories are available for inside the waistband, outside the waistband, small of the back, and shoulder carry. Explore the complete LR Light-Bearing line.

All the FALCO Holsters LR holsters are custom fit to specific firearms and individual accessory configurations. Each is handcrafted from the finest premium, full-grain Italian leather and stitched with precision by skilled craftsmen and women. Every holster is hand molded on an exact replica of the firearm and accessory for a perfect fit. Then hand dyed, oiled, and lacquered in-house. FALCO offers extensive options for personalization and a lifetime warranty.

Customer Favorite Light-Bearing Designs:

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