New Blocker Outdoors Products Feature Mossy Oak Patterns

New Blocker Outdoors Products Feature Mossy Oak Patterns

Whether chasing screaming bull elk in the mountains, stalking antelope in the western states, or chasing the next trophy buck this fall, Blocker Outdoors has hunters covered with quality hunting garments that are designed with the most dedicated hunters in mind.

Blocker Outdoors, one of the leaders in performance and odor-controlling hunting apparel since 1998, is proud to introduce several strategically designed garments this fall featuring new Mossy Oak patterns. Blocker Outdoors has strived to become one of the leading worldwide designers and marketers of performance, hunting, and casual odor-controlling apparel, equipment, and accessories. Fall of 2023 promises to help hunters get closer to the game while staying comfortable, resulting in more success.

Verse Pants And Verse Pro Pant

Verse Pants

Designed with the western big game hunter and deer hunter in mind, yet made with enough versatility and comfort for any hunter to enjoy, the NEW Verse Pants from Blocker Outdoors feature an improved fabric with a smooth, lightweight polyester double-weave fabric for strength and longevity. The Verse Pants have a 4-way stretch to keep hunters versatile by allowing unrestricted movements while stalking or chasing big game. Being comfortable in the field is also key for hunters. The Verse Pants come treated with a DWR treatment that keeps hunters dry and comfortable on dewy mornings or during a drizzle, which keeps them in the field longer. Plus, the Verse Pants are available in Mossy Oak Terra Outland.


Lightweight polyester double-weave fabric for strength and 4-way stretch comfort

DWR treatment to repel moisture

Six pocket design

Articulated knees for a greater range of motion

Available in Mossy Oak Terra Outland

MSRP $119.99

Verse Pro Pants

For the modern whitetail hunter that rifle or archery hunts from a tree saddle, or the backcountry big game hunter who desires the toughest and most rugged design of any hunter, the new Verse Pro Pants check mark all the boxes to get the job done with the comfort and versatility like no other hunting pants on the market.

The Verse Pro Panta features a polyester double-weave fabric for strength and durability. As well as the 4-way stretch for comfort and easy, unrestricted movement in the field. The DWR treatment found in the Verse Pro Pants keeps hunters dry by repelling moisture. One of the most significant features of the Verse Pro Pants is the built-in knee pads and a slightly more reinforced seat overlay/build to outlast any hunting parts in the industry. Plus, they are available in the new Mossy Oak Terra Outland pattern.


Lightweight polyester double-weave fabric for strength and 4-way stretch for comfort

DWR treated to repel moisture

Reinforced seat overlay

Built-in knee pads for comfort and protection

Articulated knees for a greater range of motion

Available in the new Mossy Oak Terra Outland

MSRP $119.99

Solstice Jacket and Pants

When the peak of fall arrives, and big buck movement is at its primetime, ending a hunt too soon because of being cold and uncomfortable is unacceptable. The new Blocker Outdoors Solstice Jacket and Pants embrace warmth and versatility like never before. The Solstice Jacket and Pants feature a moisture-repelling DWR treatment and Berber fleece lining that keeps the hunters warm, cozy, and comfortable for longer periods. A taller 4” collar offers neck protection, while a built-in hood keeps the hunter warm during those cold fall days while in a treestand or blind. With Blocker Outdoors s3 treatment combating odors and Lycra-bound hood and cuffs sealing in warmth and scent.

The Solstice pants feature the same smooth, quiet polyester outer shell with DWR treatment to keep the hunter warm and help repel moisture. The Solstice pants feature enhanced mobility for the hunter by having articulated knees and an inner thigh gusset. At the same time, the silicone grip waistband keeps clothes in place through whatever movement the hunts demand. With multiple features and being available in the new Mossy Oak Terra Outland pattern, the Solstice Jacket and Pants are destined to elevate your next hunting experience and success this fall.


Smooth, quiet polyester outer shell with warm Berber fleece lining to keep hunters warm

The jacket features a Lycra-bound hood and cuffs for added warmth and comfort.

Pants feature a Silicone grip on the rear waist to keep clothes in place

Pants feature articulated knees & inner thigh gusset for mobility

S3 anti-microbial finish to prevent odors

DWR treatment to repel moisture

Available in Mossy Oak Terra Outland

Jacket- MSRP: $149.99

Pants-MSRP: $149.99

Vantage Hoodie And Pants (available exclusively at Bass Pro and Cabelas)

Deer hunters trust Blocker Outdoors to provide gear that protects them from odors while remaining dry and comfortable throughout every hunting experience, even during the warmer early season. The new Vantage Hoodie and Pants are a must-have for the early-season deer hunter. Exclusively sold at Bass Pro and Cabelas, the new Vantage Hoodie is ideal for the deer hunter who demands a lightweight fabric that keeps them cool and scent-free when that big buck comes into range. The Vantage Hoodie and Jacket features Blocker’s innovative Cold Fusion Carbon technology that helps absorb odors, keeping the hunter undetected. The Lycra-bound hood and cuffs provide a snug fit, ensuring concealment for longer hours in the field. The quarter-zip front makes it easy to take on and off as needed or to tailor the coverage or ventilation on demand.

The Vantage Pants feature a 4-pocket design for storing essential gear and a functional fly for added convenience. Elastic in the waistband and 7 belt loops provide a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring that the pants stay in place even during the most active hunts. With the same Cold Fusion Carbon technology and ultra-quiet polyester outer shell, the Vantage Pants thrive to keep the hunter comfortable and scent-free throughout the hunt. Available in the new Mossy Oak Terra Outland pattern.


Available exclusively at Bass Pro and Cabelas

Ulta quiet polyester outer shell lining

Cold Fusion Carbon Technology for maximum odor adsorption

Jacket – Lightweight, quarter-zip front, kangaroo front pocket

Pants – 4 pockets, zip fly, and 7 belt loops

MSRP: Jacket $79.98

MSRP: Pants $79.98

“Blocker Outdoors is proud to produce quality gear that all big game hunters can enjoy and trust. With the trusted Blocker Outdoors odor-fighting technologies and the ability to partner with Mossy Oak to utilize their patterns ensures us that customers are going to be successful in the field and satisfied at the end of the day” – Steve Allie, Director of Marketing for Nexus Outdoors.

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