New Bass Tournament Open to All High School Anglers, Boat Styles

New Bass Tournament Open to All High School Anglers, Boat Styles

Cash prizes in the Fishers of Men 2024 High School Summer Challenge can be won for fishing on your home lake

This summer, high-school anglers from around the country have a chance to win great prizes while competing in a bass tournament that’s unlike any other. The best part? Those same kids can fish any public waterway, from any boat, at any time over a 61-day period. The Fishers of Men 2024 High School Summer Challenge, presented by Realtree Fishing, brings fun competition through the Fishing Chaos app. Prizes are awarded for the largest five-bass stinger and biggest fish overall in June and July.

The concept is simple. Any angler in grades 9-12 is eligible, regardless of age. Participants must be members of Fishers of Men (youth membership is free) and pay a $10 tournament entry fee. No enrollment in other organizations or scholastic fishing teams is necessary. Upon sign-up, a special devotional message is given by superstar angler Nick Lebrun.

Anglers pick their favorite public waterbody and can fish multiple locations throughout the event. All fishing must be done from a boat, but that is the only formal watercraft requirement. Kayaks, bass boats, float tubes, duck rigs; all are welcome in the High School Summer Challenge. Of course, state, and federal watercraft regulations apply, and high-school-aged competitors must wear an approved, chest-type floatation device any time a combustion engine is running.

The tournament lasts all of June and July, for 61 total days. Competitors simply log their catches through the Fishing Chaos app. To do so, each fish must be measured on an approved measuring device (see rules), a simple photo taken, and the catch submitted. From there, the app automatically calculates the best five-fish stringer.

Prizes for the five longest bass include $150 cash and a Realtree Fishing tackle bag for first place, and gift card and merchandise credits for additional high finishers. Each month also features a substantial big bass prize, and there are even larger awards for the overall tournament champions.

A live leaderboard adds to the appeal of the Fishing Chaos system. At any time, competitors can judge their performance and check their place in the tournament. With no limit on the number of catches an angler can submit, competitors can fish all day, any day from June 1 through July 31.


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