NEMO Introduces First Air Pad Ever with 8+ R-Value

Tensor™ Extreme Conditions Provides R8.5 for Quiet Warmth in the Coldest Environments

Achieving the highest warmth-to-weight ratio ever for a sleeping pad, NEMO’s newest product, Tensor™ Extreme Conditions, is a prime example of the award-winning brand’s commitment to building only gear that improves the adventure experience. Featuring NEMO’s patent-pending Apex™ baffle construction, Tensor EC represents a new chapter in backcountry sleeping pad innovation with an 8.5 R-value at only 16 ounces for the regular mummy size. This pad is the warmest, most insulating ultralight pad on the market, and remains the quietest pad in its class.   

Backcountry enthusiasts looking for the lightest, warmest pad for year-round overnights now have an ideal option for their kit that only builds on the features that made NEMO’s Tensor series both award-winning and beloved. In addition to offering stable and noticeably quiet support for re-energizing sleep, Tensor Extreme Conditions is a half inch thicker for greater comfort; uses more durable, bluesign® approved materials to protect from terrain; and packs in enough insulating layers to combat the outdoor world’s harshest conditions. 

“We continue to use low-stretch, die-cut trusses to eliminate springiness and provide the ideal mix of support and give,” said Luke Scotton, NEMO product developer. “But to achieve that sky-high R-value, the Apex™ system uses trapezoidal trusses to suspend four sheets of Thermal Mirror™ metallized film within each pad. Each sheet has a different sized slot, so they stack evenly without the need for welding. By eliminating welding, we’ve created the quietest and warmest insulated air pad on the market.”    

Each layer of Thermal Mirror also reflects body heat back and helps block radiant heat to keep you warmer throughout the night, making Tensor Extreme Conditions 16% warmer than any air pad on the market. Like most NEMO pads, it includes a Vortex™ pump sack for fast, easy inflation when attached to the updated, cold weather–optimized Laylow™ valve.

The pad, which just received the international ISPO Award, is available at specialty retailers and on NEMO’s site now, offered in Regular Mummy (20” x 72”), Regular (20” x 72”), Regular Wide (25” x 72”) and Long Wide (25” x 76”). MSRP $249.95 – $279.95.   

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