NEBO Grill Light

NEBO Grill Light

Fort Worth, Texas – With spring upon us and warmer weather in the forecast, now is the perfect time to grill out. There is nothing quite like steaks, chicken, or burgers on the grill, filling the air with delicious smells and the anticipation of a wonderful meal.

However, one problem that has long plagued grill masters worldwide is having enough time in the day to prepare a meal. Often, the opportunity to begin cooking comes after sunset. The lights on the back patio or in the family outdoor area must be sufficient to cook the meal perfectly; hand-held flashlights do not do the job.

Fortunately, NEBO has rescued grill enthusiasts with the new Grilla 300 Detachable Grill Worklight, a grill attachment for food prep designed in the great state of Texas. It is the perfect companion for any outdoor grilling experience. No longer will the fate of the meal rely on someone holding a clunky flashlight while the cook tries to make sure the meat is cooked just right. With the Grilla 300 Detachable Grill Worklight, the grill is as well-lit as the kitchen stove, freeing up the cook to prepare the meal just right.

The Grilla 300 is heat resistant to a point – some might say to a degree. It attaches with a universal clamp to the handle of the cover of almost any grill and can be detached from the clamp to attach to any metal part of the grill via its magnetic base. That allows it to be used while cooking and preparing food on the side of the grill.

The Grilla 300 is not an average grill light. It features ChromaView™ technology, which gives family cooks a true view of the cooktop to ensure food is not overcooked. Additionally, its housing includes a built-in bottle cap remover, making it a versatile tool for any cookout.

So, even if the sun has already set, any time is cookout time with the NEBO Grilla 300 Detachable Grill Worklight.

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NEBO – Grilla 300 Detachable Grill Worklight


  • Heat Resistant
  • ChromaView(TM) Technology
  • Fits Most Grills
  • Attaches Via Universal Clamp
  • Detachable
  • Magnetic Base
  • Built In Bottle Cap Remover


  • MSRP $34.99
  • SKU NEB- ARE-0009