Moultrie Launches Feed Hub Cellular-Enabled Feeder Management System

Moultrie Launches Feed Hub Cellular-Enabled Feeder Management System

Moultrie, the leading innovator in trail camera and feeder technology, today announces the launch of Feed Hub, an industry-first cellular-enabled feeder management system. Moultrie’s Feed Hub is available for purchase from, Academy Sports + Outdoors, Amazon, Bass Pro and Cabela’s, and authorized Moultrie dealers.

Moultrie Feed Hub eliminates the guess and stress of running spin-cast feeders. You no longer have to visit your feeders to check feed levels, change settings, and check battery life. With the new cellular-connected Feed Hub timer and Feed Level Detector, paired with the Moultrie Mobile app, users can monitor feed and battery levels, run feeders on command, receive alerts when the feeder is clogged, and remotely adjust feed times anytime, anywhere. Even if you don’t own a Moultrie spin-cast feeder, Feed Hub can easily be installed in most major spin-cast feeders on the market.

“Feed Hub began as a solution to hunter frustration over managing feeders on remote properties,” said Daniel Wilson, General Manager for Moultrie. “We set out to expand cellular connectivity beyond trail cameras and integrate the seamless convenience it provides to game feeders. Previously, hunters couldn’t monitor and control feeders remotely. Feed Hub removes the guesswork from feeder maintenance and performance.”

Feed Hub is a three-part system consisting of a universal Feed Level Detector that can be mounted in nearly any game feeder, a cellular-connected timer installed in the feeder kit, and the Moultrie Mobile App that allows users to control the system remotely.

The Feed Hub family of products includes three core models:

  • Feed Hub Universal ($99.99), is built for easy installation to replace the existing timer in almost any spin-cast feeder on the market, regardless of brand. For a full compatibility listing, visit
  • Feed Hub Kit ($149.99), which includes the Feed Hub hardware pre-installed in a Moultrie Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit for the ultimate plug-and-play solution for any Moultrie Quick-lock feeder.
  • Deer Feeder Connected ($199.99), a Moultrie 30-gallon feeder with Feed Hub Kit included.

To learn more about Moultrie Mobile, its products, or the industry-leading Moultrie Mobile app, visit or download and try the app for free from the App Store or Google Play today.