MKS Supply Launches HiPoint Firearms YC9 9mm Handgun

MKS Supply Launches HiPoint Firearms YC9 9mm Handgun

(Dayton, OH) – MKS Supply, The exclusive distributor of Hi Point Firearms, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Hi-Point YC9 9mm Handgun. This eagerly awaited addition to the Hi-Point lineup combines superior performance, the new “Yeet Cannon” design, and enhanced versatility to meet the needs of firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Hi-Point YC9 stands for “Yeet Cannon” and was named by the supporters of Hi-Point Firearms during a contest they called “The peoples pistol- name our nine”. The YC9 comes out as HI Point’s top-tier 9mm handgun, equipped with a threaded barrel that enhances its adaptability for various accessories. The 1/2-28 threads on the 4.12″ barrel length allows users to effortlessly attach suppressors, compensators, and other muzzle devices, elevating the shooting experience to new heights and offering customers more options. Other features include a Glock style replaceable front sight, new stylized grips, backstrap safety, reversable backstrap for a more customized fit, a new styled slide for a better look, adaptable for mounting a red dot plate and a proprietary double to single stack magazine.

The new YC9 will come in a all black version with and without the threaded barrel and a model with “YEET CANNON” boldly engraved on the slide.

Key Specifications:
· Caliber: 9mm (YC9)
· Barrel length: 4.12″ (1/2-28 THREADS)
· Overall length: 7.6″
· Overall height: 5.8″
· Overall width: 1.4″
· Weight (unloaded): 34.2 oz
· Rifling: 3 LH twists
· Magazine capacity: 10 rounds

The YC9 features a precision-crafted barrel with 3 LH twists, optimizing bullet stabilization and enhancing accuracy. This rifling technology allows for consistent performance, shot after shot, providing shooters with confidence in their aim and improving overall shooting proficiency. The weight of the unloaded handgun is 34.2 ounces, which helps to reduce felt recoil and a more accurate shot. Additionally, the Hi-Point YC9 boasts a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, and is plus P rated so the user can shoot both FMJ ammo as well as self-defense ammunition.

“As a brand committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, we are delighted to introduce the Hi-Point YC9 9mm Handgun,” said Kara Boesenberg, EVP for MKS Supply. “This firearm incorporates many extra features, our goal is to set a new standard of understanding when it comes to affordable firearms. Furthermore, we believe in providing handguns for any American who wishes to protect their family, despite their income level. We are confident that the YC9 will exceed the expectations of both our loyal customers and firearm enthusiasts worldwide.”

The Hi-Point YC9 9mm Handgun is the latest addition to MKS Supply’s distinguished lineup of firearms. It exemplifies the company’s dedication to producing high-quality, reliable firearms designed to meet the needs of diverse shooting communities.

MSRP starting at $229!

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