Misty Mountain Mountain Mobility Sit Harness

Since 1985, Misty Mountain has been providing customers with strong, durable, comfortable harnesses for climbing and vertical activities. The last two decades, we’ve been working directly with military and tactical operators to provide them with gear tailored to their specific needs. Our Mountain Mobility series takes the operators’ heavy duty belts, and makes them part of a modular harness solution. For 2023 we redesigned the MM Operator Belt and Leg Loops, and these new harnesses are quickly becoming the choice of Special Operations Forces.

The MM Operator Belt is a load rated gun belt featuring a new laser cut CORDURA Polymer composite outer layer for mounting mission essentials. The two piece system has a 1.5″ wide lightweight liner belt with Velcro loop outer for holding up trousers. The 1.75″ wide load rated nylon outer belt mounts securely onto the liner belt, and features front and rear attachment loops and the load rated AustriAlpin Cobra buckle. Suitable for edge restraint, the MM Operator belt can be used while tethered into rotary wing aircraft for safety.

MM Cobra Light Leg Loops can be added to the belt with an enclosed auto-locking carabiner to create a full strength sit harness, UIAA Safety Label approved, suitable for fall protection. The MM Cobra Light Leg Loops are made from US woven 2″ wide nylon, and feature auto-block loops for rappel backup, and 1″ AustriAlpin Cobra buckles. These leg loops stow easily around the operator’s waist until deployed, making them suitable for high speed operations.

MM Cobra Leg Loops (not Light), have the same features as their lighter counterpart, and additionally, they have closed cell foam padding and elastic leg loop hold up straps. These comfortable leg loops are a better choice for operations where longer harness hangtime is anticipated. Auto-locking carabiner is included with MM harnesses. All Misty Mountain tactical gear is made in the USA and Berry Amendment Compliant.

The harness is available in Black, Coyote, MultiCam and MultiCam Black in sizes Small – XLarge.

Please contact Misty Mountain at phone # 828-963-6688, or, for further information and quotes. Orders can be placed online at

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